In-Person Training

Off-Ice Training for Hockey Players In Burlington

Performance-Driven Training. Relationship-Driven Coaching.



Our comprehensive training approach combined with hands-on, intense, and relationship-driven coaching delivers the pinnacle of off-ice training for elite hockey players in the Burlington area and beyond.


In partnership with Burlington’s largest athlete training facility, Elite Performance Center, we have access to the Strength & Conditioning equipment typically reserved for the pros including: 12+ squat racks/platforms, tires, ropes, and an on-site therapy clinic to allow for completely integrated rehab.


Whether private training, team training, or our High-Performance Summer Programs - we provide we provide hockey players with the Strength & Conditioning and hands-on coaching necessary to optimize their on-ice performance and take their training and game beyond the next level.

Strategic Strength & Conditioning for Performance

No more randomized training. Every exercise and workout is strategically designed to address your development needs with optimized training phases to ensure you're reaching your peak performance when it counts.

Private & Small Group Off-Ice Training

Our private and personal training allows for the individualization, attention to detail, and hands on coaching hockey players need to truly optimize performance. 


This off-ice training service allows for individual attention and program flexibility to ensure workouts are tailored to get the most out of the individual athlete that session. Driven by our relationship-based coaching model, these small groups and personal training sessions allow for intensive and attention to detail programming while also providing the supportive and intense coaching hockey players need to push their training to the next level.

Summer Training Programs

Our 9-Week High-Performance Programs are specifically created to maximize off-season development and prepare players to dominate next season. Offered in small groups for U-18, Elite, and Female players - these programs deliver the pinnacle of off-season development for hockey players in Burlington and beyond.

Team Strength & Conditioning Training


We started Relentless Hockey to serve teams better.


Seeing most teams off-ice training consist of sloppy circuits and random workouts, we set out to deliver a Strength & Conditioning service that elite teams truly deserve - with a synergy between fitness, development, and on-ice performance.


Locally we've worked with top minor teams including the Burlington Barracudas High-Performance teams, and the Burlington Eagles Midget Program, along with various local rep teams. We take pride in joining local teams to deliver a comprehensive off-ice training service to ensure players stay healthy and injury-free, while continuing to enhance performance and development. 


Workouts for Hockey Players.
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