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Frequently asked questions

Is Relentless Hockey affordable on a tight budget?

We’ll start by saying that we’re completely upfront with our pricing, no upsells, hidden costs, or intentional limitations. We know that hockey teams operate on tight budgets, and we know that we can maximize that budget to deliver the best-in-class service that elite players deserve.

We typically offer two packages – one where we offer programming based on 5 different movement types/development needs; and another where each player’s program is completely individualized. Saying this, we certainly don’t limit teams to these options – we’ll chat about what you’re looking for and try to create a solution that works for your needs.

Whether it’s one standard program across the team or 20 individualized programs, we take a lot of pride that teams trust us with their performance – and we consistently strive to deliver value that far exceeds that their price.

It’s also important to note for our international clients that because we’re proudly a Canadian company, all our services and products are sold in CAD and include Ontario’s 13% sales tax

We’re interested in Relentless Hockey, but we already have a trainer/strength coach.

It’s great that you have someone who can commit to take care of your team.

High quality training comes from a meticulously designed program, somewhere to implement it, and someone to oversee it.

If you already have a high-quality trainer who’s willing to commit time to your team, we can just further enhance that by letting them oversee and facilitate the program - and work on a solution for your budget to maximize their time using our tools and programming.

That being said – often time either budgets or availability restrict Trainers/Strength Coaches from working with the team beyond 1 session per week. Our team service delivers not only 1-2 workouts (in-season) per week, but also an additional 2-3 active recovery and mobility workouts focused on body maintenance and keeping players performing optimally.

So while we might not have to replace your current trainer, we do offer a service that would traditionally require a full-time position at a fraction of the cost – while also offering systematic data tracking and monitoring.

What can we track and how does it work?

There’s no limits to what we can track.

Not only can we track fitness testing data and create an aggregate database for you and your players to track development – but we automatically track every weight, rep, and set used in every workout.

Gone are the days where players need to send back scans or pictures of their workout logs, and coaches having to organize it and pull out their key metrics. The Relentless Hockey App allows players to directly log workouts into the app allowing for our software to automatically track progression over time.

Players can also track whatever metrics you feel they need to be monitoring for performance.

Do we need a weight room or special equipment for training?

Player’s will ideally have access to a weight room for their primary workouts.

If your players have access to a weight room onsite, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Often a basic high school or rec center weight room provides enough tools for us to create a successful program.

If your players don’t have access to a weight room, often teams will reach out to local gyms for either discounted rates or sponsorship for the players. This isn’t always necessary, often players are scattered around town or have access to a commercial/school/local community gym that they can get workouts done on their own time.

For active recovery/mobility workouts or workouts at the rink, we traditionally recommend players or teams buy mini-bands (for activation exercises).

Regardless of where your players work out, we’ll tailor the programs to the available equipment.

Can we do workouts at the rink or on the road where there are no weights available?


One of the reason’s the Relentless Hockey App was created – to deliver our players active recovery workouts post-game/practice and ensure they were taking care of their bodies beyond just their workouts with us.

We like to have all our teams/players spend 15-20 minutes in active recovery and body maintenance post-game or practice. On off-days, we often program similar workouts with an activation focus to ensure we’re preventing imbalances and asymmetries and maintain an optimally performing body.

Depending on your team’s schedule, it may be more appropriate to have a primary workout at the rink. We’re more focused getting in high quality training sessions than improving weight room numbers.

While we can design these workouts to be body weight only, we typically recommend players or teams purchase mini-bands.

Does Relentless Hockey create warm-ups or cool downs?

Of course – we have both warm up and cool down protocols for all of our players.

As mentioned in the previous question, we typically create post-game/practice recovery workouts that we often refer to as “warm downs” and feel this is vital to maintaining optimally performing bodies.

Do we need a Coach to supervise or run workouts? Do the players run their own workouts?

This really depends on the group – and this flexibility is one of the benefits of the Relentless Hockey App.

Different teams have different training cultures. Some coaches want the team to workout together – and we agree there’s a lot of upside to this, from motivations/accountability to psychosocial benefits, and encourage players to train together.

For some teams without on-site facilities, training together can pose a lot of logistical challenges. Often players build their lives around their on-ice schedule but adding extra off-ice workouts are often seen as a lower priority versus school/work/etc. – this leads to missed workouts and low program adherence.

Allowing players to get their workouts done on their own time eliminates the “schedule burden” and any excuses for missed workouts. This, combined with our workout tracking to keep players accountable, often results in higher program adherence and buy-in – giving players ownership and autonomy over their workouts.

Am I restricted to the number of players? Can I change players mid-season?

If they’re on your active roster, they’re part of the team – If this means 15 players or 25 players, we want to take care of your team.

Roster changes happen, and of course we understand this. Just connect with your Coach Relations Manager and we’ll be sure to add them to the system and they get integrated into the program as quickly as possible.