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The Explosive Power program designed for hockey players to maximize the power that translates to explosive strides and unlocking new levels of speed on the ice. 



Speed is the variable of success for Hockey Players. 

Today's game is faster than ever. It's a skaters game, and there's simply no room at the next level for players without elite speed and explosiveness. 

While players are focused refining skating mechanics on the ice, it's the off-ice work that allows players to develop the punch in their stride that truly allows them to become an explosive skater and unlock elite speed. 


The Relentless Explosive Power Program is the Strength & Conditioning Program designed to give players the exact workouts that lead to maximizing power and translate it to speed on the ice. 




Create a mobile body with exercises that address structural imbalances & restrictions so that you feel & move better.


Develop truly elite  strength, with an intense focus on creating the functional strength that translates on the ice.


Enhance the athleticism to thrive on-ice. With plyo, agility, and footwork drills we develop next-level speed.


Unlock the power that translates to explosive first steps, breakaway strides, to become more dynamic on the ice.

No fluff. No more meaningless exercises. If you're committed to taking your game to the next level then it's time to commit to the training that translates to the ice. 



Maximizing your training demands strategic structure.


The 12 Week Explosive Power is strategically designed with two distinct phases and weekly progressive workouts built to be continuously pushing you towards your training goals.


Hockey Players' bodies have a lot of dysfunction. We're focused on reconstructing the body and improving movement and activation patterns to have you moving better than ever before. Each week we're also developing foundational strength & athleticism so we rapidly develop functional strength & power in phase 2.

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Do I need a full tummy tuck, or can I have a mini tummy tuck?

If there is a lot of loose skin you will need a full tummy tuck. On the other hand, if your skin is tight then you may need a mini tummy tuck. A very common situation is when there is too much fat, then liposuction should be combined with the removal of the skin. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before jumping into any conclusion.

Will a tummy tuck help to hide stretch marks?

Usually yes, but of course it depends on where the stretch marks are located. A full tummy tuck removes most of the skin in the lower abdomen, and any stretch marks in this zone will be removed along with the loose skin. Stretch marks outside of that zone are not really going to be removed.

Will the results last after surgery?

Yes, the results will last as long as you body weight remains stable. Typically a tummy tuck never needs to be repeated.

Where is the surgery performed?

Most surgeries are performed in our private clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania. Our clinic has been providing patients with exceptional results for many years at its state-of-the-art facility, complete with the most up-to-date technology, and the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. Their mission is to provide quality care in a safe environment, which has earned them the reputation of being the best plastic surgery clinic the region has to offer. Our criteria is the quality of care, quality of service, affordable prices, safety, reliability, and trustworthiness.

How much a tummy tuck cost in Lithuania?

When you are planning to make a surgery, you must know what is the price before making any decision. Usually, the cost of a tummy tuck depends on if it’s a full or mini tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon you choose, the clinic, and most important from the country or even the city you are planning to make an operation. Not less important is the equipment of the operating room, how pleasant is stay in the hospital after the operation, is there individual approach to each customer, and what services are included in the price you are paying.
On average Tummu Tuck in the UK cost €7,750 - in Ireland €8,000. B&W Tourism charges €2,500 in Lithuania.
B&W Tourism price includes:

  • Pre-travel online consultations with your surgeon
  • Transport between an airport, clinic, and a hotel
  • On-arrival surgical consultations
  • Necessary tests before the operation
  • Surgery with anaesthesia
  • Special accessories after operation (e.g. corset)
  • 2 days hospitalisation in the clinic
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks during hospitalisation
  • 24/7 medical support
  • Recovery massage
  • Medication to take home
  • -10% for your next visit

Can I do any other surgeries at the same time (like a breast lift)?

Yes, you can. Most common procedures that are done together are breast surgery, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and liposuction. Benefits are obvious:

  • one visit;
  • one operation;
  • one anesthesia;
  • one recovery period;
  • huge savings of time and money.
Please tell us what you have in mind ( and we will tell you about the possibilities.

Can I do other procedures after the operation (wrinkle correction, tooth whitening)?

Yes, you can. Usually, it is a 1-2 days after the operation when you can have some procedures. Most of our customers, especially from abroad, like to have wrinkle correction or dental services at the same visit. Benefits are obvious:

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Please tell us what you have in mind ( and we will tell you about the possibilities.


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​The Relentless Explosive Power Program is the unrivaled Strength & Conditioning program that delivers Hockey Players the exact workouts they need to take their speed to the next level.


Speed is the variable of success for Hockey Players in today's game. To take your game to the next level, it's time to go all-in on developing the attributes that translate to explosive first steps, quicker feet, and a more powerful stride. 


It's time to start training relentless!

One time purchase with lifetime access

& program updates!



Taking your game to the next level isn't just following a workout program. It's living the Relentless Lifestyle.  Our goal is to give you all the tools and resources you need to truly unlock your peak performance - all bonus guides included! 

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Mobility & Recovery 
for Hockey 

Complete Conditioning
for Hockey Players

At Home
Training Guide

The ultimate guide to training at home or on the road. This guide delivers 20+ workouts to keep your training on track anywhere, any time. 

Work hard. Recover harder. This guide gives players the exact mobility, foam rolling, and recovery check-lists to feel & perform your best.

Never run out of gas. With field, treadmill, and bike workouts - this guide delivers the ultimate HIIT workouts that translate to the ice.



Is this program only for professional or elite hockey players?

This program is designed for the Hockey Player who’s serious about training and is willing to commit to putting in the work to taking their game to the next level. Many of the exact workouts in this program were originally created for our professional players. Since then, this program has been used by hundreds of players from minors to pros. We do recommend this program only for players 15+.

What makes this program specifically focused on power development?

All Relentless Hockey programs are built for hockey players. With our Explosive Power program, we've built workouts with power development as our top priority. This means extra emphasis on plyo drills/power-based athleticism drills, along with exercises and rep schemes that are designed to enhance power output capacity. The Explosive Power program is built as the intensive training approach to take your speed and power to the next level!

What kind of equipment do I need?

This program was designed to be performed with a super basic gym setup. We don't believe in big fancy gym setups or the latest equipment. We believe the best exercises are This program includes: included primairly dumbbells, cables/bands, barbells, kettlebells, and mini-bands. For any exercise that maybe require a specialized piece of equipment (trapbar/landmine/etc.) we've included alternative exercises directly in-app that you can use with the same targeted effect.

What kind of exercises are included?

We admit, even if you've been going to the gym for a while - a good amount of these exercises are going to be new. We don't rely on traditional bodybuilding exercises. We utilize integrative exercises that challenging players to develop truly functional strength that they can use on the ice. All of the exercises in your program are accompanied with a video demonstration to ensure you have the exact technique we're looking for to maximize the intended training effect.