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Relentless Hockey is built for Hockey Players.


With the intensity of speed and skill of today's game, how players are training & preparing off-ice is more important than ever before. 


We created Relentless Hockey to give Hockey Players access to the Strength & Conditioning that specifically translates to the ice, and allows them to thrive in demands the modern game.


There are 3 different ways to train Relentless: 

Next Level Coaching Program: This is our most intensive program previously reversed only for professional players. This program is 1-on-1 Coaching with individualized training, nutrition, and lifestyle programs tailored to the needs of each player. Because players work 1-on-1 with founder Kyle Kokotailo this program is by application only.

Online Programs: With 9 different programs tailored to various on-ice goals - these programs are our most popular offer, being used by hundreds of players across the world. 

Relentless Membership: This program offers a monthly membership program in which players get access to a new program monthly. Each month programs progress to continuously fuel player development. 

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Workouts for Hockey Players.
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