Junior High-Performance Program 


Relentless Hockey’s 9 Week Junior High-Performance Program is specifically designed for the development needs of pre-draft players (under 18).

With small group sessions, this program allows for individualization and hands-on coaching to address player’s development needs. This program is structured enhance the off-ice characteristics that translate to on-ice performance and specifically enhance the traits that support players transition to thriving in the Junior game. Emphasis is placed on strength development, while also enhancing the speed and athleticism needed to thrive at Junior and beyond.

Our 2017 program saw all players increase their fitness testing measures 20-40%, including multiple players recording: strength increase 15-30%, lean muscles gains of 10-15+ lbs, setting record conditioning testing scores at team training camps, and eliminating past nagging-injuries completely.

In partnership with the Burlington’s premier athlete development facility, the Elite Performance Center, this is the pinnacle program for elite players looking for a huge development summer to take their performance to the next level in September.



Program Information:


Our Off-Season Programs offer 3 or 4 workouts per week, running roughly 75 minutes and including both individualized and group work. Group size is limited (10 athletes maximum) and will include at least 2 coaches per group, including program director Kyle Kokotailo.


Session Structure:

Each session will include both individualized portions (allowing for players to address their individual development needs) and group portions (allow players to compete against each other). Sessions will typically include:


  • Tissue Work, Mobility, “Pre-Hab” care (Individualized)

  • Speed, Agility, & Athletic Development / Competition Drills (As Group)

  • Strength & Power Development (Individualized)

  • Conditioning & Energy System Development (As Group)

  • Core and Mobility (Individualized/Group)

Before or after each scheduled session, players are welcome to play Spikeball, work on stickhandling, or get extra mobility work.


Additional Program Features:

  • Structural and Mobility Assessment from the Elite Performance Center’s therapy team. Ongoing access to therapists for on-site assessments.


  • Data tracking through the Relentless Hockey App - Each player will have an individual account to allow them to track each workout and actively track their progress throughout the summer. Players also have mobility “homework” to complete on off-days.


  • Extra Speed & Conditioning Sessions – Select Saturdays throughout the summer all players have access to join an open extra Speed & Conditioning session run either indoors or outdoors (stairs/hill sprints/field days).


  • Nutrition & Mobility Manuals – Copy of “Goal-Based Nutrition for Hockey Players” and “Body Maintenance Manual for Hockey Players” training manuals to support a high-performance lifestyle




Program Options & Schedule:


We offer 2 different High-Performance Elite Programs, a four-day and three-day option, with our facility partner, the Elite Performance Center in Burlington, ON.


Week 1 (June 25-29) is our "assessment week"  including 3x 1-on-1 assessments:  1) mobility & physical literacy assessment; 2) Performance Assessment & Off-Season Goal Setting; 3) Structural Assessment (with sports therapist).


Note: All groups are created based on age, training experience, level, and group fit. Your group & start time will be confirmed mid-June. For players who need a special time (work commitments, etc.) please indicate in the form below.


High-Performance Elite (4-Day)

This program allows for the most intensive and comprehensive approach to off-season development and performance enhancement, with four small group sessions per week. In addition to the four sessions, players will also have access to the Relentless Hockey App for at-home mobility “homework” and extra work depending on player’s need.


This program is recommended for players who are serious about making significant improvements in their physical and fitness characteristics and take their game to the next level.


Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - (Afternoon )

Program Dates: June 24th - August 25th

Cost: $1299 + HST


High-Performance Elite (3-Day - Plus)

This program addresses the performance-enhancement needs of elite players while allowing for summer flexibility with other skates/summer leagues/outside commitments.


This format consists of three intense small-group sessions per week, plus an individualized program for an additional 2-3 sessions to be completed on the athlete’s own time. These individual sessions are less coaching-intensive allow players flexibility in getting “extra” accessory work aimed at their development needs.


Players will receive access to the Relentless Hockey App for additional workout programming and 24/7 access to EPC.


Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - (Late Afternoon/Early Evening – Time TBA)

Dates: June 25th (assessment/initiation week) - August 25th

Cost: $999 + HST



Want to see if we're the right fit? Want to get an assessment and discuss the best pathway for your development this off-season? Click here to book a free assessment.

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