Leaner. Quicker. Faster.

It's more important than ever players are quick, fast, and light on their feet to thrive in today’s high-speed game.


Players carrying unproductive weight are held back from peak performance by consistently having to generate more force and work harder to keep up with smaller faster players.


We created the Lean & Agile Program to specifically to help hockey players to get lean, improve athleticism and agility, and stay strong so that they can not only keep up - but take advantage of their size to dominate on-ice.


If you’re serious about unlocking elite speed, improving your agility and footwork, and getting a lean healthy body – then it’s time to train Relentless!

Built For Hockey Players.

Speed, Agility, 

&  Athleticism

Develop the athleticism that allows for fluid skatingexplosive changes of direction, and elite speed with plyometric & agility exercises specifically designed  for hockey players.

Strength & Power

Workouts designed to develop the functional strength & dynamic power that Hockey Players need without adding bulky muscle, with exercises that specifically translate to on-ice performance.

Core, Stability,

& Mobility

Create a structurally balanced & mobile body that allows players to unlock more efficiency in their stride while building a healthy & bulletproof body

Conditioning Levels

Unlock peak conditioning levels  & shed unproductive body fat by utilizing HIIT-based work strategically designed to develop the energy systems that Hockey Players utilize the most.

App Features

No more paper copies or having to use PDFs on your phone. The Relentless Hockey App is built to deliver your program in the easiest possible way to allow you to focus on training your hardest.

The Ultimate Training Tool

What Elite Players

Are Saying

''When I connected with Relentless Hockey I wanted to get leaner, but still wanted to maintain my strength and power on the ice. Working with Kyle was exactly what I needed, I lost 10lbs, maintained or improved all my lifts, and feel WAY more mobile & explosive on ice. Never been this ready going into a season!"

Tom Soar- NIHL (England Pro)

Join 1000+ Players Transforming Their Game.

Players across the world are getting Relentless with their training & taking their performance to the next level.

 Become the Next Relentless Success Story.

Unlock the Agility You Need to Take Your Game to The Next Level.

If you want to play at the next level, you need the speed and agility to not only keep up - but to thrive. 


We created the 8-week Lean & Agile Program to give players the exact structure they needed to drop unproductive weight and unlock a new level of speed and agility. This isn't just another workout program that will help you get lean. This program is specifically designed for Hockey Players to improve their agility & athleticism that translates to on-ice speed.


If you're serious about taking your game to the next level - then this is your opportunity to take your training to the next level!


it's time to start training Relentless!



Workouts for Hockey Players.
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