With the off-season strength gains achieved, training camp finished and the season in full swing, many hockey players wonder what they should be doing in the gym.

There are a couple of extremes here. Some players think that they shouldn't be doing anything in the gym (or only doing biceps and chest exercises), while others do way too much, trying to keep up with the same amount of work as in the off-season. 

While the...

June 22, 2018

Whether your high school exams are in full swing, or you are a student athlete at a college or university, exam time can be a battle. It’s easy for students to fall off the wagon in terms of training this time of year, and end up in a massive hole to climb out of after the grind has come to an end.

This article will share with you a few simple steps you can take to help you stay healthy and crush your exams without sabotaging y...

February 15, 2018

Hey you.  Yep, you, the one who is probably going to play about three shifts today and spend the rest of the game freezing your butt off in the middle of the bench. 

Hockey’s not that much fun right now, is it? 

Well, I know exactly how you feel.  For three solid years, between the ages of 12 and 14, I spent most of my time as a competitive youth hockey player watching my teammates play while counting the lights hanging in...

January 25, 2018

Crossfit is a fiery topic almost anytime it comes up in a training conversation.

A lot of people in the training community have strong opinions on Crossfit. Many of which create absolutes that it’s either the greatest training practice ever, or that it’s use of high-rep complex movements is crazy and dangerous.

While it’s exploded in mainstream popularity and undeniably can produce a ripped, athletic-looking body – there’s often...

January 11, 2018

Unless you’re on the ice, it’s likely that over any given 24-hour period you’re always within arm’s reach of your phone.

A study from 2015 found that (http://time.com/4147614/smartphone-usage-us-2015/) that people check their phone an average of 46 times per day. Nowadays with your buddies blowing you up on Snapchat, and a 24-hour stream of Instagram stories – this is likely even higher.

While your parents/grandparents/anyone 40...

January 10, 2018

Picture: Nathan McKinnon measuring 7.6% body fat at the NHL 2013 Combine (Nathan Denette,The Canadian Press)

Hockey players undeniably come in all shapes and sizes.

From the boyish frame of Mitch Marner, who’s gained recent in recent years to his current playing weight of 170lb, to bigger players like Dustin Byfuglien, who is currently listed at 260, but is rumoured to have broken the 300 mark in past off-seasons. Players with a...

October 18, 2017


  I am often asked about what Division 1 hockey was like but I always feel that putting my 4-years of experience into a simple, short-winded summary does not to the experience justice. The countless answers I’ve given in the past have covered only the tip of the iceberg. So, in light of being asked hundreds of times “what it’s like,” I decided to write an a raw and brutally truthful answer to this question and pre...

August 13, 2017

You know you should probably get more sleep.

Mom probably told you to go to bed earlier. Coach probably threw a 9:30 curfew on the squad on the road. Someone, at some point, has preached about the importance of a that supposedly magical 8-hours. 

If you’re serious about performance – they're not wrong.

Getting into that late night Instagram lurk or Netflix binge could actually be holding you back from peak performa...

July 9, 2017

We all want to have that big off-season where take our game to the next level and turn heads next season.

Hopefully you’ve read our article on starting your off-season right to get some insights onto how approach your training to set yourself up for the best off-season possible. This article is less about things to avoid in the gym (we have another one coming on that!), but more so looking at the macro picture of the off-season...

July 7, 2017

So your Coach said you have to get bigger and stronger to get to the next level. Or, maybe you feel that you get bounced around in the corners and it's limiting your game. 

Regardless of the why – oftentimes player have to add muscle to their frame to take their game to the next level.

Even though the game is getting faster and more skilled, we'll still routinely see players held back from transitioning to the next level for not...

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