Workouts Hockey Players Can Do At the Cottage This Summer

Updated: May 22, 2020

While the off-season for hockey players is often jam packed with workouts, skates, and field workouts -getting away for a true "off-season" to a cottage or can be extremely valuable to have a mental refocus and reset.

Even though a gym might not be available up north or on the road, it doesn’t mean training needs to stop if you are serious about taking your game to the next level. We’ve put together a few different workouts that hockey players can do at the cottage this summer to make sure their off-season is as productive as possible.

Along with of these workouts I would recommend a complete warm up and cool down, which can easily and effectively be done equipment free.

Here are 5 different workouts that Hockey Players can use to keep their training on point at the cottage this summer.

Cottage Workout #1: Bodyweight Only

Don't want to bring any equipment, but also don't want to just run? This workout's for you.

4 Rounds:

  • 12 each Single leg glute bridge (3s hold at top)

  • 15 Push ups (5 Second negative)

  • 1 Minute alternating hands and feet plank

  • 10 each cossack squat (5 second negative)

4 Rounds:

  • 12 Active blackburn rotation

  • 12 Hamstring walkouts

  • 3, 10 seconds each adductor side plank

  • 10, 5 Second single leg holds

Cottage Hockey Workout #2: Bodyweight Tabata & Jog

The beauty of a Tabata style high-intensity interval workout is that you can use essentially whatever bodyweight exercise you want, and trains similar energy systems to a hockey shift. Hockey players can get creative with this, but if you don’t like creativity give this one a go, it’s pretty foolproof.

20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 times each (total of 8 minutes of work)

  • Bodyweight squats

  • Alternating split squat jumps

Rest for 3-4 minutes, then complete a light jog for 20 minutes

Cottage Hockey Workout #3: Bands

We often say that if hockey players have any piece of exercise equipment, bands are likely the best bang for the buck.

By buying this simple and inexpensive piece of equipment that also packs super light, you can easily crush a full-body workout at the cottage. Bands are one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy as most of these exercises I would do even in a fully equipped gym.

The reps here are guidelines but can be easily altered according to band tension.

4 Rounds

  • 12 Banded glute bridge - ends of bands under feet, middle over hips

  • 12 Banded push ups- ends of bands under hands, middle across back

  • 12 Split stance Pallof Press- attach one end to door or other secure object

  • 12 Bent over rows- stand on middle of band, pull from ends

4 Rounds

  • 10 each Single leg RDL- one end around foot, other around shoulders

  • 20 band engaged dead bug, one end fasten to secure object, other pulled over the top of shoulders and held for entire set

  • 20 band pull aparts- palms up

  • 12 each, half kneeling row- fasten to secure object

  • 15 each, band TKE’s- fasten one end to secure object and loop other end behind knee.

Planning to post a cottage insta pic? A quick “gun run” with the bands will surely give you an extra 50 likes.

Cottage Hockey Workout #4: Odd Objects for Weights

Alright, this one will depend on where you are and what you have, but look to the sport of strongman for creativity, as they basically compete with odd objects and are some of the strongest people in the world. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Use your common sense here and don’t do anything unsafe, as odd objects are not maintained like gym equipment.

  • Have a canoe? A portage isn’t easy and just picking up and carrying one of these 20 feet, setting it down and repeating is a great workout.

  • Jerry cans and water jugs are often found lying around and can be used for many typical dumbbells or kettlebell exercises.

  • Rocks (yes, seriously). Watch your toes here but your typical campfire sized rock can be a great challenge for grip training, and be useful for anything you would use a light dumbbell for.

Cottage Hockey Workout #4: Conditioning

This one doesn’t need to be over-complex. A quick-paced canoe or kayak, swim, hike, or even watersports can keep your conditioning up to par but if you are looking for something a little more structured here is an option that takes advantage of the water.

Workout Swim:

  • 5 minutes treading water 1 min rest

  • 20 strokes front crawl, 20 strokes breaststroke, return. Rest 30s, repeat 5 rounds.

  • Finish with some water-based active recovery

  • With shoulders submerged complete 20 arm swings across your body & 20 arm circles each direction

  • Hold onto the dock and complete 20 leg swings each side across the body as well as forward and back

  • Hold onto the dock and go through 20 full hip rotations open and closed.

These workouts should give you a great place to start. Of course they are only guidelines so feel free to mix and match or add in your own favorites.

Keep them fun and creative as you should not be dreading a vacation workout. Unfortunately if you have just read this, you now have one less excuse for us when we ask you what you are doing to work out this weekend!

About the Author:

Isaac Seabrook, B.Sc Kin/CSCS

Isaac is a Strength & Conditioning Coach who earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Queens University, where he also interned as the Kingston Frontenacs (OHL) Strength Coach. Also interning with Gary Roberts & Hockey Canada, Isaac has worked with some of the world’s top hockey players. A former Goalie, Isaac serves as the Goalie Performance Specialist at Relentless Hockey along with continuing to work with elite players of all levels.

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