The Best Hip Mobility Exercises for Hockey Players (VIDEO)

For many Hockey Players - chronically tight hips are part of their daily life.

On the ice, Hockey players live in a "flexed hip" position that allows them to stay strong and stable while generating a powerful stride. This position is not only beneficial, but essential to on-ice success. Power skating instructors often spend extra time teaching players to find this position and get lower on the ice.

While this is get on-ice, it can wreak havoc on the body off-ice.

Spending so much time in this position creates what therapist often refer to as "hockey hips" - tight hip flexors and musculature that leaves players with restricted hips. Not only can this lead to pain and chronic aches, but it also holds back peak performance by forcing players to compensate to get into lower positions.

Ultimately this creates mechanical deficiencies that hurts your stride and can lead to tweaks and injuries down the road.

In this video, we walk through some of our favourite hip mobility exercises for Hockey Players. These aren't just "hip stretches" that you do passively, but exercises that require deliberate focus to increase the range of motion at the hip.

These exercises can be incorporated into your workouts, or done as entire sequence post practice - but you should be able do each of these exercises at least once a week to maintain hip health and unlock peak performance!

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