The Best Body Weight Exercises for Youth Hockey Players (VIDEO)

Updated: May 23, 2020

Should Peewee Hockey Players be doing off-ice training?

What the best off-ice workout for 12 year old hockey players?

What kind of dryland is best for Novice Hockey Players?

These questions routinely fill my inbox from young hockey players and parents who are eager to start training.

It's awesome to see so many young players want to get into off-ice training and that it's become known the significance that Strength & Conditioning plays in on-ice performance.

For youth Hockey Players, structured off-ice training is like pouring rocket fuel on the fire of athletic development.

While players and parents can find a lot of flashy drills on instagram or try to "keep up with what the pros are doing" - often committing to structured fundamental training is what really allows players to begin to develop the foundations that will allow them to become an elite hockey player in future.

In this video, we go through some of our favourite body weight strength exercises that youth hockey players can use to create elite foundations both on and off the ice!


Kyle Kokotailo, B.Kin - Performance Coach & Founder of Relentless Hockey

Kyle is a Hockey Performance Specialist who’s worked with hundreds of hockey players from Peewee to Pro. A former elite hockey player, Kyle earned his degree in Kinesiology before becoming a Strength Coach that specializes in hockey performance. Today, he runs Relentless Hockey where he works with players across the world, including pros in over 20+ leagues including the NHL, KHL, and OHL.

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