The Ultimate Cool Down Sequence for Hockey Players (VIDEO)

What should Hockey Players do after a game or practice?!

This is a common questions from hockey players who know that they shouldn't just shower and jump back onto the bus. But still, if you'll see minor or junior players who spend 40 minutes getting unchanged and then race home.

How you spend your the first 60 minutes after your game/practice matters.

If you were in a pro dressing room, you'd see players take their gear off, grab a water bottle, and immediately head to a space to get some active recovery work in. While some pro teams will get in full lifts with their strength coach, at the very least they'll spend 20-30 minutes going through a "warm down" sequence with foam rolling and restoration work.

Just because you might not be playing pro, doesn't mean that you can't start to develop the habits that will get you there.

Investing in a warm/cool down and active recovery sequence, even for just 10 minutes, can go a long way in promoting recovery and maintaining health over the course of a season.