relentless minimalist the hockey workout and training program


The 12-week Relentless Minimalist  Program a designed for hockey players with to maximize their training with just bands and bodyweight to develop a truly functional body that's ready to thrive on the ice.

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hockey player training

minimalist equipment. maxmial results.

Hockey Player's aren't built in the gym. They're built with a relentless commitment to getting better. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

If you want to take your game to the next level, it starts with the daily commitment to getting better. Not waiting for ice time. Not waiting to getting in the gym. Making the most of today so that you can dominate tomorrow.

The Relentless Minimalist Program was built for hockey players with the mission. Giving them access to completely integrative Strength & Conditioning without any equipment demands.

With workouts designed with just bands and bodyweight, this is the program to completely change how you train - and start developing the truly functional movement patterns, strength, power, and conditioning that matter on the ice.

Minimalist equipment. Maximal results. Change the way you're training today. Start training relentless.


At Relentless, we build off-ice workouts for on-ice performance. Delivering the exact Strength & Conditioning hockey players need to start moving, performing, and playing better where it counts. Start making your hockey training count, start training relentless.


Create a mobile body with exercises that address structural imbalances & restrictions so that you feel & move better.


Develop truly elite  strength, with an intense focus on creating the functional strength that translates on the ice.


Enhance the athleticism to thrive on-ice. With plyo, agility, and footwork drills we develop next-level speed.


Unlock the power that translates to explosive first steps, breakaway strides, to become more dynamic on ice.

12 weeks to
elite performance

Maximizing your training demands strategic structure.

The 12 Week Relentless Minimalist Program is strategically designed with three distinct phases and progressive workouts built to be continuously challenging you and developing the attributes that translate most to thriving on the ice.

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Phase 1:

Body Reconstruction

Hockey Players' bodies have a lot of dysfunction.

We're focused on reconstructing the body and improving movement and activation patterns to have you moving better than ever before. Each week we're also developing foundational strength & athleticism so we rapidly develop functional strength & power in phase 2

Phase 2:

functional strength

Develop the functional strength & power that translates.

In Phase 2, we focus on building off of foundations with both functional strength & power that has a meaningful impact on a player's game. With intensive unilateral and core work, players begin to feel stronger and more stable on the ice.

Phase 3:

on-ice translation

From the off-ice to on-ice, it's time to translate your gains to where they matter most.

In Phase 3, we shift to a power emphasis while also adding a layer of specificity to truly prepare for on-ice performance. The work off-ice truly shows up on the ice, going from good to great to unstoppable.

Testimonials from our members

John Schiavo
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5 Star Rating

I set out a number of intensive goals this summer & training with Relentless I completely surpassed all of training goals. This is one of the best off-seasons I’ve ever had & I can’t wait to get back on the ice this season & will absolutely be working with Relentless Hockey next summer!

Tom Norton
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5 Star Rating

​There’s no one better at understanding what Hockey Players need to perform today than Relentless Hockey. Being in the UK it can be tough to find a fitness coach that understands the demands of hockey, but Relentless gave me the exact game plan to get my training right so that it’s actually impactful on the ice. Can’t recommend enough!

Zach Lawrence
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5 Star Rating

''I’ve always trained hard, lifted heavy, and felt strong on the ice… but got to a point that I felt that my training wasn’t helping me get faster. Working with Relentless Hockey taught me to train more athletically and transfer my strength into speed and explosiveness. I feel WAY FASTER out there and it’s been a complete difference maker in my game!

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The WOrkout Program for hockey players

36 Unique Workouts
Integrative Training Structure
Optimized & Progressive
Training Schedule

Everything You need
For the Next Level

Taking your game to the next level isn't just following a workout program. It's living the Relentless Lifestyle.  Our goal is to give you all the tools and resources you need to truly unlock your peak performance.

hockey training and workout pdf

the most comprehensive hockey workout program.

  • Feature item

    Interative pdfs

    No more boring PDFs. Each phase comes with a completely interactive & clickable PDFs.
  • Feature item

    video demonstrations

    With a video library of 250+ exercises, always know the perfect form with an exact demonstration of each exercise in your workouts.
  • Feature item

    printable tracking copies

    Want to get off your phone at the gym? Bring a printable copy of your workouts and track your progress with each workout.
  • Feature item

    access your workouts anywhere, anytime.

    No complicated apps, or subscriptions. Download your workouts direct to your phone, iPad, or print and train when and where it fits your schedule.

& Recovery

develop a health, mobile, & 
bullet proof body.

It's time to build a limitless body, eliminate pain, reclaim range of movement, and optimize movement.
Bonus Itemmobility guide for hockey players

complete conditioning

dominate your shifts.
dominate the third period.

Take your conditioning to the next level with workouts specifically designed to enhance on-ice energy systems.
Bonus Itemconditioning guide for hockey players

Elite Speed
for hockey

get faster. unlock agility.
develop elite speed.

With 20+ speed and agility workouts, this is the guide hockey players use to develop elite athleticism and on-ice speed.
Bonus Itemelite speed guide: speed training and hockey workouts

relentless anywhere

don't let your scheudle
slow down your progess.

21 bonus workouts you can do with just your bodyweight, bands, or a single DB to help keep you on track anytime, anywhere.
Bonus Itemrelentless anywhere: the pdf hockey workout and training program
Peak Performance Nutrition for Hockey Players by Relentless Hockey


The complete guide to nutrition
for hockey players

Fuel elite performance and optimize recovery with this intensive 55 page guide that takes a deep dive in everything from hydration, to macronutrients, to game day nutrition and supplements.
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Bonus Item
relentless minimalist the hockey workout and training program

functional training. max performance.

making your workouts count starts here.

The Relentless Minimalist Program was built for Hockey Players to want to take control of their training and take their game to the next level.

With completely integrative workouts, this program is intensely strategically designed to develop the exact attributes that matter most for players on the ice- changing the way you train and developing truly functional strength, power and conditioning.​

If you're committed to taking your game to the next level - then it's time to go all in on your training. It's time to get relentless.

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Kyle Kokotailo hockey trainer and relentless founder

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