Take Your Game to the Next Level This Season. 

If you want to take your game to the next level, you need to go all-in on improving yourself both on and off the ice. 

Development isn't just for the off-season. Without a structured in-season plan, players are failing to continue to fuel their development, while also losing strength & power developed in the off-season - ultimately holding back peak performance and preventing players from unlocking their peak potential.  


The Relentless Hockey In-Season Program was designed to provide Hockey Players with the exact training structure needed to enhance functional strength, develop explosive power, and create a healthy mobile body while maximizing their performance this season.


If you're serious about your performance, then this is the opportunity to take your training to the next level with strategically designed workouts to continue your development while maximizing your performance in-season.


Make this your break out season & let's start training Relentless today!

Built For Hockey Players.

Speed, Agility, 

&  Athleticism

Develop the athleticism that allows for fluid skatingexplosive changes of direction, and elite speed with plyometric & agility exercises specifically designed for hockey players.

Strength & Power

Workouts designed to develop the functional strength & dynamic power that  players need without adding bulky muscle, with exercises that specifically translate to on-ice performance.

Core, Stability,

& Mobility

Create a structurally balanced & mobile body that allows goalies to unlock more range of motion & control their movements all while building a healthy & bulletproof body

Conditioning Levels

Unlock peak conditioning levels  & shed unproductive body fat by utilizing HIIT-based work strategically designed to develop the energy systems that Goalies utilize the most.

The App For Hockey Players

No more paper copies or having to use PDFs on your phone. The Relentless Hockey App is built to deliver your program in the easiest possible way to allow you to focus on training your hardest.

The Ultimate Training Tool

What Elite Players

Are Saying

Working with Kyle & Relentless Hockey was EXACTLY what I needed to prepare me for this season. Being from the UK it can be tough to find a fitness coach that truly understands the demands of ice hockey. Having 24/7 access to Relentless Hockey & support from Kyle was a game-changer in my training and I’ve never felt better heading into a season!”

- Tom Norton, UK Professional Player (EIHL/NIHL/Team GB)

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Designed to Maximize Your Performance When It Counts.

No more random training. Get the training structure strategically designed to unlock your peak performance when it counts.

Everything You Need To Take Your Game to the Next Level

Get Relentless With Your Training

If you want to take make this your breakout season, then it's time to break the mold of what you've always done & get relentless with your training.


The Relentless 4-Week In-Season Program is the opportunity to get your training on track with the exact structure hockey players need to maximize their performance & thrive in the modern game.  


It all starts with the commitment to get relentless with your training. It starts today. 


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