The Best Off-Ice Exercises for A Harder Shot (VIDEO)

November 23, 2019


What can I do in the gym to get a harder shot?

What exercises are best for hockey players to improve their shot?

How do I improve my shot power?


We get this question constantly, and justifiably so - an Ovechkin one-timer or Shea Weber slapshot is an impressive feat of strength and power.


Whether it's a quick snapshot off the rush or a full slapshot from the point, elite shooters have a highly refined motor pattern that allows them to utilize their power to generate an insane amount of force into the ice. 


While a huge part of developing a harder shot is refining your shot technique, improving the strength & power of the kinetic chains used to generate that force should be a focus for hockey players in the gym. 


In this video we look at some of our favourite exercises that hockey players can use to specifically develop a more powerful shot! 



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