The Best Quick Feet Exercises for Hockey Players (VIDEO)

February 8, 2020

"How do I improve my footwork" is one of the most common questions we hear from hockey players at all levels.


And justifiably so - foot work, agility, and on-ice speed are arguably the most valuable attributes that translate to players thriving in today's high speed game. As we often say - speed is the variable of success for hockey players. 


Hockey Players, unlike other athletes, have unique demands to developing elite speed:

  1. Playing on a frictionless surface, players need the physical strength & power to generate intense levels of force into the ice to create propulsion;

  2. Changes of direction require more force than any other sport;

  3. Complex movement patterns & strides. Unlike just running, there's a high degree of technical ability/motor skills needed to become an elite skater. Including the ability to utilize and combine multiple movement patterns (edge work, crossovers, pivots).

  4. Despite the need to generate a lot of force into the ice, players must alright remain "light" and quick on their feet - creating a unique challenge of being strong on your skates, while light and mobile.

In this video, we specifically focus on that last point with the most valuable drills to improve athletic fluency, and ultimately develop quicker feet. While this is only one piece of the puzzle to developing elite speed on the ice - if you're a hockey player looking to take your agility to the next level, utilizing these drills are going to be valuable for you!



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