Power Based Exercises for Goalies (VIDEO)

February 8, 2020

Power is the most underrated attribute for goalies.


While many of our minor goalies ask about mobility and conditioning - our pro goalies are consistently asking about how they enhance their power and explosiveness in the crease. Elite goalies know that it's the ability to play more dynamically and explosively that let's them thrive at elite levels.


Whether it's a small push or a cross crease slide, your ability to get around the net is largely defined by your capacity to express power. 


In this video, we look at some of our favourite power development exercises that specifically translate to becoming more powerful on the ice. While being technically proficient, strong, stable, and mobile are all attributes goalies need to perform at an elite level - power is a piece of the equation that can transform a goalies game. 


If you're a goalie looking to take your game to the next level - this one's for you!

Are you a Goalie that's serious about your game?!



The Relentless Goalie Program is the 8-week Strength & Conditioning program that's specifically designed for goalies to develop the physical attributes that translate to performance in the crease!


Start training like an elite goalie.  Start training Relentless today!






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