Relentless Summer. Dominant Winter.

Our 9-Week High Performance Programs are specifically created to maximize off-season development and prepare players to dominate next season.

With structured Strength & Conditioning in small group sessions, these programs provide the hands-on coaching and attention to detail necessary for elite hockey players to address weaknesses and enhance the physical and fitness characteristics that translate to higher on-ice performance.

In partnership with the Elite Performance Center, these programs offer the pinnacle for players in Burlington and Southern Ontario looking to take their training and performance to the next level.

U-18 Program

Born 2000 - 2003

Elite Program

Elite Junior/University/Pro

Female Program


Spring Prep

Spring Training Program

Relentless Hockey Development training also focuses on some core on-ice skills which will translate to optimal in-game performance

Strategic Strength & Conditioning for Peak Performance

No more randomized training. Every exercise and workout is strategically designed to address your development needs with optimized training phases to ensure you're reaching your peak performance when it counts.

Workouts for Hockey Players.
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