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The results on the ice are what truly matter. Here how players across the world are taking their game to the next level with Relentless.

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Professional Players

Thankful for Kyle & Relentless training! The app is really easy to use & Kyle is very detailed in his workouts. It’s exactly what I need during the ice hockey and roller seasons when I’m travelling & competing constantly. Relentless has taken my game to the next level!

John Schiavo


Pro / Team USA Roller Hockey


Kyle worked with me to create the best possible program for my upcoming season. We set out a number of intensive training goals & completely surpassed all of them by the end of the summer. This is one of the best off-seasons I’ve had & I can’t wait to work with Relentless Hockey next summer!

Matt Spencer


2nd Round NHL Draft Pick


​Working with Kyle & Relentless Hockey was EXACTLY what I needed to prepare me for this season. Being from the UK it can be tough to find a fitness coach that truly understands the demands of ice hockey. Having 24/7 access to Relentless Hockey & support from Kyle was a game changer in my training and I’ve never felt better heading into a season!

Tom Norton


UK Professional Player


I wanted to take my training to the next level going into my first pro season, & Relentless Hockey was exactly what I needed. It was the first time it felt like I wasn’t just lifting weights - I knew exactly how the workouts translated to making me stronger and more stable on the ice.”

Austin McEneny


Kitchener Rangers/ECHL


''Being from Thunder Bay, playing in Europe, and spending my off-season traveling – working with Kyle & Relentless Hockey has given me the structure to keep my training on track. If you’re serious about your training, Relentless Hockey is the professional coaching you need!"

Greame McCormick


NCAA D1 Alumni, European Pro Player


''Through college, I was a quick player, but wasn’t truly explosive – moving over to Sweden to play professional, I knew that getting more explosive first steps & adding more power to my stride would have a huge impact on my game.  I showed up to training camp feeling in the best shape of my life, dominated fitness testing, and was ready for the big ice! "

Hanna Moher


NCAA D1 Alumni,  Swedish Pro Player


'When I connected with Relentless Hockey I wanted to get leaner, but still wanted to maintain my strength and power on the ice. Working with Kyle was exactly what I needed, I lost 10lbs, maintained or improved all my lifts, and feel WAY more mobile & explosive on ice. Never been this ready going into a season!"

Thomas Soar



Pro Player


''I’ve always worked hard off the ice but having access to Relentless Hockey has taken my training to the next level. Not only did workouts help me get stronger and more explosive, but the mobility/prehab work has me feeling fantastic. This is exactly what I needed!"

Syd Kidd


Pro Player (NWHL/PWPHA)

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Junior & University players

'Working with Kyle and Relentless Hockey helped me to start truly training like an elite hockey player.  Only a couple weeks in & I was already skating more explosively and felt I added some power behind my shot. This was one of my most productive off-season’s ever & I’m feeling great going into next season!"

Tyler Rollo

London Knights, Brock University


Relentless Hockey really helped me prepare for university hockey. The workouts were challenging and catered to my own goals on the ice & helped me crush the fitness testing. Relentless truly prepared me for the transition from junior to being a successful university player.  

Emma Suitor


Western University


Relentless & Kyle are clearly extremely dedicated and passionate about making players better. Workouts are extremely detailed & methodical and are designed for exactly what hockey players need most. I loved working with you guys & thanks for everything!

Misha Song


Cornell University, NHL Draft Pick


Josh Leblanc

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''I’ve always trained hard, lifted heavy, and felt strong on the ice… but got to a point that I felt that my training wasn’t helping me get faster. Working with Relentless Hockey taught me to train more athletically and transfer my strength into speed and explosiveness.

Zach Lawerence


Junior A, NCAA D3


I’m very happy with the work I put in with Relentless Hockey this summer. Gaining 15lbs of muscle, the extensive movement work, etc. I know I can make some stride this year on the ice, thanks for all the help man, it was a time and a half!

Geoff Lamorre


Junior A, NCAA D3

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My goalie coach said I had to get stronger off the ice & when he showed me Instagram posts from Relentless Hockey I knew that I had to work with Kyle! Getting on the Relentless Goalie program was one of the best things I’ve done for my career. My movement in the crease feels better & I know I’m moving more effectively and efficiently.

Mat Tamminen


Junior Elite League (Finland)

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''I always played a power forward role but felt I was getting pushed off the puck. I didn’t want to get bulky, but I knew adding some muscle and getting stronger would be huge for this game. My off-season with Relentless Hockey I was leaner than ever while also adding muscle AND getting way stronger & more explosive. I felt more confident in playing my style against anyone! Thanks, Kyle!!"

Hayley Masters




Disclaimer: No athletes have been compensated for their testimonials. Quotes from NCAA Athletes are not intended to be an endorsement for Relentless Hockey and are strictly testimony of their experiences with Relentless.