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The 12 Week Weekend Warrior Program is built for the Hockey Player who wants to elevate their game by developing the functional strength, power, and conditioning that translate to the ice. 


Start Playing Better Hockey. Start Training Relentless.

Just because you’re not on the pathway to pro doesn’t mean you can’t train to perform your best. 

You want that explosive stride that lets you burn defenders. You want strength and core stability to not get knocked off loose pucks. You want the conditioning levels that let you play more shifts and harder. 

You might not be a pro, but you still have hockey ambitions. 

A lot of beer leaguers continue to get in workouts in the gym, but with old school workouts that don’t leave them looking, feeling, and performing better.  The Weekend Warrior Program was built for hockey players who want to start making their workouts count and enhance the strength, power, and conditioning that translates to the ice. 


workouts designed for

on-ice performance

Create a mobile body with exercises that address structural imbalances & restrictions so that you feel & move better.

Develop truly elite  strength, with an intense focus on creating the functional strength that translates on the ice.

Enhance the athleticism to thrive on-ice. With plyo, agility, and footwork drills we develop next-level speed.

Unlock the power that translates to explosive first steps, breakaway strides, to become more dynamic on the ice.

No fluff. No more meaningless exercises. If you're committed to taking your game to the next level then it's time to commit to the training that translates to the ice. 


12 weeks to

better hockey

Get the structure to make the most out of each workout.


The 12 Week Weekend Warrior Program is strategically designed with three distinct phases and with progressive workouts built to be continuously pushing you towards your training goals.


Hockey can create a lot of dysfunction in the body. In Phase 1, we're focused on reconstructing the body and improving movement and activation patterns to have you moving better than ever before. Each week we're focused on developing foundational strength so that we can develop functional strength & power in phase 2.


the workout program

for hockey players

The Relentless App

The Relentless App is the ultimate training tool for Hockey Players. No more basic PDFs - players now have the ability to access their workouts directly on their phone, along with video demonstrations, reps, sets, and alternatives of each exercise in their program. The ultimate training tool to take your workouts to the next level.

Extra Mobility, Conditioning, and Recovery Days

Relentless players go beyond just 3 workouts per week. What they're doing away from the gym is what truly amplifies their training. We've created optional in-app mobility workouts, along with the guides that players use on off-days to either be putting in extra work or recovering to ensure their body is in the best shape possible.

36 Different Workouts

Get the exact off-season workouts that translate to on-ice performance. Each workout is designed with: 1) Pre-hab/Activation - Exercises to restore mobility, address imblances, and create a healthier body that leaves you feeling and moving your best. 2) Athleticism - Plyometric drills along with footwork, agility, and change of direction drills designed to enhance the athleticism that translates on the ice. 3) Power & Strength - We don't just lift weights. We develop the functional strength and power that Hockey Players need to thrive in today's game. 4) Core/Mobility/Conditioning - Each workout we're improving both movement capacity and developing the core strength that's essential for hockey players to play strong on the ice.

Support & The Relentless Community

We want to see all Relentless players thrive. With the Relentless App you have the ability to message the Relentless team at any time for support - but we've also created the exclusive Relentless Hockey Players Community. This Facebook group is designed to connect you with other players across the world who are serious about their training, along with getting exclusive content and Q&A's from Kyle & the Relentless team.




everything you need for the next level

Taking your game to the next level isn't just following a workout program. It's living the Relentless Lifestyle.  Our goal is to give you all the tools and resources you need to truly unlock your peak performance. 

Mobility & Recovery 

for Hockey Players

Complete conditioning

for hockey

At Home

Training Guide

The ultimate guide to training at home or on the road. This guide delivers 20+ workouts to keep your training on track anywhere, any time. 

Work hard. Recover harder. This guide gives players the exact mobility, foam rolling, and recovery check-lists to feel & perform your best.

Never run out of gas. With field, treadmill, and bike workouts - this guide delivers the ultimate HIIT workouts that translate to the ice.


It’s time to start making your workouts count. 


One time purchase with lifetime access!

Regardless of what level you’re at, you have the ambition to play better hockey. To not lose gas at the end of a long shift. To feel and recover better after games. You have hockey goals, and it’s time to start training for them.

 The Weekend Warrior Program was built for Hockey Players to enhance their athleticism and mobility, develop functional strength and power, and enhance the conditioning levels that translate to the ice.

If you’re ready to get serious about your hockey goals, then it's time to get relentless with your training.  Get started today!


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For Health Screening services we encourage our customers to make an appointment earlier so that we can arrange our time to provide you the best. Health screenings will be done only in the morning because the client need to be fasting at least 8 hours before doing the test

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The patient shall practice normal diet intake for at least 3 days prior to the test. The patient must fast overnight ( 8-14 hours ) with only plain water is allowed. For certain test which require am/pm specimen , the doctor will advice the patient to come again in the evening to collect the second (pm) specimen , but patient no need to be fasting till evening.

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It depends on your insurance coverage.Please ask your insurance company regarding your eligibility to claim for a health screening .Our customers will need to pay by cash or with debit/credit card after the test is done. We will issue you a receipt after the payment is made. You can approach you insurance company if they can cover for your test.

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These test done in our clinic is not a ordinary blood test. These tests includes hormonal studies and tumour markers. Therefore the result of these tests will take around 7 days to 10 days duration.

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