Elite Foundations. 

Standing out in youth Hockey is becoming increasingly competitive.


While players are spending more time on the ice with skill development & extra tournaments - building the physical foundations off the ice is essential for players who want to take their game to the next level.


We built the Relentless Youth Program for minor hockey players looking to get ahead with workouts specifically designed to improve athleticism and start to develop the strength, power, and physical pillars that will fuel player development and translate to elite on-ice performance.


If you're serious about becoming an elite Hockey Player, this is the program to create the elite foundations you'll be able to build on for years to come.


It’s time to start training Relentless.

Built For Youth Hockey Players.

Speed, Agility, 

&  Athleticism

Develop the athleticism that allows for fluid skatingexplosive changes of direction, and elite speed with plyometric & agility exercises specifically designed  for hockey players.

Strength & Power

Workouts designed to develop the functional strength & dynamic power that  Goalies need without adding bulky muscle, with exercises that specifically translate to on-ice performance.

Core, Stability,

& Mobility

Create a structurally balanced & mobile body that allows goalies to unlock more range of motion & control their movements all while building a healthy & bulletproof body

Conditioning Levels

Unlock peak conditioning levels  & shed unproductive body fat by utilizing HIIT-based work strategically designed to develop the energy systems that Goalies utilize the most.

The App For Hockey Players

No more paper copies or having to use PDFs on your phone. The Relentless Hockey App is built to deliver your program in the easiest possible way to allow you to focus on training your hardest.

The Ultimate Training Tool

Frequently asked questions

What age/level of player is this for?

This program has been built for hockey players. While most of our clients are elite players, programs are designed to prepare players to thrive with physical demands of hockey. This program is recommended for players 13+ who have had some sort of strength & conditioning coaching/gym experience in the past - and want their own structure for workouts on their own.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

Everything great requires commitment. Whether you’re looking to go from AA to AAA, get drafted, or earn a professional contract – elite performance requires commitment. The program is designed for you to commit to at least three workouts per week, along with an optional mobility/conditioning workout. Our bonus manuals allow for players to get extra workouts in as needed. S aying that, one of the advantages of Relentless Hockey programs is the flexibility to train whenever and wherever you want. So while we expect you to commit to 3 workouts per week, you can create your own training schedule that works for you.

What equipment do I need?

This program was designed for a basic gym setup. Because it's specifically for youth players - we deliberatedly eliminated most equipment demands - and rely heavily on bands and dumbbells. Some exercises will provide alternaitve suggestions if a player wants to utilize barbells - but with our youth athletes ( and even many of our juniors) we place signficiant emphasis on dumbbells. We want to do the simple things savagely well!

What makes this program specifically for youth players?

This program is specifically designed for the development needs of younger hockey players. Our goal is to create the physical foundations that will allow them to build on ( both on & off ice) for years to come. This means there's a strong focus on challenging movement patterns, improving coordination/stability - while also starting to challenge fundamental movements with resistence. This program combines the latest in youth athletic development, physical literacy, and fundamental strength & conditioning practices - with all with hockey-centric focus.

What Hockey Parents

Are Saying

''Dylan had all the skills on ice to play AAA but just kept getting passed up for not being “strong enough” to play at the higher level.


Using the Relentless Hockey program he put on 14lbs of muscle!! He’s playing more confident and not shying away from getting physical out there – training with Relentless Hockey has completely changed his game!


He’s pumped for tryouts and can’t thank you guys enough!!"

- Tim, Burlington, ONT

Join 1000+ Players Transforming Their Game

Players across the world are getting Relentless with their training & taking their performance to the next level. Become the Next Relentless Success Story.

Designed to Maximize Youth 


Workouts specifically designed to capitalize on youth sensitivity to training by placing emphasis on strength & power development.   

Pour Rocket Fuel On Development. 

If your son or daughter has the ambition to become an elite hockey player, now's the time to develop the physical foundations to maximize their potential & build on for years to come.


The 8-Week Youth Development Program is specifically designed to support player development longterm while enhancing on-ice performance now to create the ultimate competitive edge now.


This is the opportunity to create elite foundations & start the journey to becoming a truly elite player. It all starts with the commitment to get relentless with your training. It starts today. 


One time purchase with lifetime access and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Everything You Need To Take Your Game to the Next Level

8-Week Workout Program

Two progressive phases strategically designed to progress you each week. Through the Relentless App you’ll have access to 3 workouts per week plus an optional conditioning or mobility session. With workouts designed to last 60-75 minutes, each workout is structured to maximize your work in the with athleticism drills, movement prep/ prehab, intensive full-body strength & power blocks, and core/conditioning/mobility work. All specifically designed to maximize performance on the ice!

The Body Maintenance Manual for Hockey Players

Maintain your body like a professional.

This 13-page manual was originally constructed for our pro players to use over the season. With activation & recovery workouts, multiple mobility sequences, and an intensive foam rolling checklist, this manual gives you everything you need to maintain tissue quality and health – allowing you to perform your best and put in extra work!

At Home Extra Workout Manual

While the Relentless App was designed to let you get professional quality training anywhere, anytime – we realized that life still happens, and it can take players away from the gym.

Whether you’re on the road, at the cottage, or just stuck at home – we built 10+ high-quality workouts that can be done wherever you are with just a band or your body weight. With videos, reps, and sets for each workout – this the opportunity to keep your training on track & keep training relentless with whatever life throws at you!

The Complete Conditioning for Hockey Manual

Elite conditioning levels are essential to thrive in the high-speed skating game today.

While we’ve built conditioning elements into our programs – we wanted to give Relentless players the protocols to take their conditioning work even further. With over 20 different treadmill, bike, and field workouts – this manual gives players the strategic conditioning protocols that translate to on-ice conditioning.

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