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Taking Youth Player Development to the Next Level.

Player development is better than ever before.


Organizations are investing in their Coaches, working with skill development experts, and building long-term development models that truly maximize player development.

And, while Coaches & Organizations are intensely focused on delivering best-in-class player development, most organizations still lack the structured approach to off-ice training that allows players to build the physical foundations that will allow them to build on for years.


Creating impactful and development-driven off-ice training programs is what we specialize in. 


We work with organizations to integrate structured off-ice training into their development model with programs designed to specifically enhance the physical attributes that serve as the foundation for on-ice performance.


The best organizations are the most focused on player development - and getting serious about giving players the tools they need to be successful both on and off the ice is the opportunity to takes oraganizations & player development to the next level.  

The Workout App For Hockey Teams


The Ultimate All-In-One Workout Tool

The end of send paper copies of workouts. The Relentless App gives players the ability to access their workouts directly on their phone, along with video demonstrations, reps, sets, and alternatives of each exercise in their program. Players also have the ability to connect with their Strength Coach for support with direct in-app messaging.

Intensive Workout & Development Tracking

What gets measured, gets managed. With players having the ability to log workouts and track reps/sets directly in app, the Relentless App creates not only an intensive training history log, but also a centralized database for all of the team's training data. This allows for our team & your coaching staff to track player progress, set individual/team goals, and ensure the commitment to continuously getting better.

Individual Player Profiles

Each player has their own individual profile allowing for schedules & programs to be individualized. With in-app workout logging, intensive workout data is synced seemlessly to players profiles eliminating spreadsheets and creating an individual history of progress.

Access to the Team Platform

Players & Coaches have access to one centralized team platform for everything off-ice training including transparent training data, team leaderboards, team manuals, and extra resources, and discussion boards to stay up to date.

How We Work With Organizations

Work with the organizations Hockey Directior/key members to integrate Strength & Conditioning into the player development plan.


Create the organization's "Offical Strength & Conditioning Program” – custom tailored across different ages to ensure programs are maximizing player development. 

Creation of an organization, age group, or team platform to create a centralized Off-Ice Training Portal with leaderboards, discusion boards, and workout data. 

Players receive access to either individual profile on the Relentless App, allowing them access to the organization's workouts and platform. 

Resources & support for Coaches including warm-up/cool-down protocols, fitness testing manual, nutrition manuals, and additional team workouts.


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Designed to Maximize Youth Development

Organizations are serious about on-ice development, creating

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