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Off-Ice Programs for Youth Hockey Players to Create the Physical Foundations that Lead to On-Ice Performance

The best minor hockey organizations have long-term athlete development plans to create the structure for Coaches to maximize player development.


While Coaches are focused on skill development now more than ever before - many youth organizations ignore creating the off-ice program that young players need to enhance physical literacy and begin to develop that foundations


We work with Youth Hockey Organizations to create the structured off-ice physical preparation programs that younger players need to create these physical foundations that will translate to on-ice performance and allow them to thrive for seasons to come.

The Workout App For Hockey Teams

Player Profiles

Individual profiles allow for workout tracking and the ability to individualize workouts to ensure players are getting the most out of their training


Create the “Official Organization Off-Ice Program” – custom tailored across different ages to ensure programs are maximizing player development and there’s no limitations for players to complete workouts.


Players access Workouts directly on their phone for 24/7 convenience and eliminate extra schedule burden for parents.

2-4 Workouts per week designed to be either at-home or in-gym including extra mobility/recovery session.

Resources for Coaches including warm-up/cool-down protocols, fitness testing manual, nutrition manuals, discount to the custom team platform, and on-going support.




Organizations We Work With

Want to Learn More?

If you’re committed to building a successful program – we want to join your team. 

This isn't for everyone. We work exclusively with teams that are committed to the process of getting better and demand the best from their players. 


If you feel that we’d be a fit to work with your team – or you’d like to book a demo, learn more about pricing, or ask some questions, let’s get started today.

Workouts for Hockey Players.
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