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the complete speed masterclass for hockey players

Speed is the variable of success for hockey players. 

That’s the motto here at Relentless Hockey. For players that have the ambition to take their game to the next level, they need to actively be taking their speed to the next level. And this starts with how they're training off the ice.

In this 5-part masterclass we look at the different facets of speed training and teach you exactly how you can implement them in your own training to develop elite speed that translates to the ice. Not only this, but we'll even give you free workouts that you can download to take your training to the next level today.

5 actionable lessons you can use to develop more speed on the ice.

Lesson 1:

speed that translates

Understanding Speed & How Hockey Players Get Faster. We look at some principles of on-ice speed, the different (and surprising) types of speed hockey players need to be successful on the ice, and how to develop speed through off-ice training. 

Lesson 2:

quick feet for hockey

Quick Feet Drills for Hockey Players. The most requested topic in speed training. This lesson looks at some of the myths of quick feet training and how players can improve their foot speed – we also include a free downloadable PDF with multiple quick feet workouts!

Lesson 3:

limitless athleticism

Speed, Athleticism, & Becoming a Multi-Directional Player. In this lesson we look at how players can become more athletic and dynamic on the ice with athleticism drills and multi-directional speed challenges. This lesson is essential to becoming a more elusive and limitless skater.

Lesson 4:

mobility for speed

Mobility for On-Ice Speed. Can you stretch your way to skating faster? Is being tight & restricted slowing you down? The answer’s yes. Let’s fix it with targeted mobility drills. We’ll show you how to mobilize, stretch, and foam roll to improve your skating mechanics – including with a downloadable mobility sequence.

Lesson 5:

strength & power

Developing the Strength & Power that Translates to Hockey Speed. Develop more horsepower to go faster. We’ll look at the strength & power you need to develop an explosive stride and how you can optimize your workouts for the strength that specifically translates on the ice – with a sample workout from our Explosive Power program!

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