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Delivering unrivaled Strength & Conditioning for Hockey Players.


Our Origin Story

Relentless Hockey was created with the pursuit of better.


Created in 2016, by former elite hockey player turned Performance Coach Kyle Kokotailo, Relentless Hockey was built to bridge the gap between Strength & Conditioning and on-ice performance with the training players truly need to enhance their performance.  

Started in Burlington, Ontario –  Relentless Hockey garnered the attention of elite players for having training that they actually noticed on the ice.

As players returned to their teams across North America or overseas, they wanted to continue training Relentless and started requesting workout programs they could be doing on their own. Seeing the results - many of their teammates started reaching out for their own programs.


After sending hundreds of PDFs to players across the world, we set out to create a better training tool that would allow players to have videos of exercises, track their workouts, and have more support from our team - this led to the creation of the Relentless Hockey App. 

Today we work with hockey players playing in over 10 countries along with teams & organizations across North America. We continue to push players to their game to the next level & pursue better.

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Strength & Conditioning Driven by On-Ice Performance. 


Health - We place emphasis on addressing imbalances and movement limitations to

ensure we’re not building fitness on top of dysfunction. Our goal is to create a healthy

athlete and return the body to optimal function and perform better, for longer.


Strength - We believe strength is the foundation of elite athleticism and a prerequisite to

thriving at the professional and elite hockey levels. Strength provides the foundation for our

athletes to build the speed, agility, and power necessary for elite on-ice performance.


Athleticism - Hockey is one of the most athletically demanding sports on the planet. Our

mission is always develop better hockey players, not “weight room all-stars.” Our training is

intentional in enhancing athletic capacity and movement literacy that players can translate

specifically to on-ice athleticism.

Aerobic Conditioning - We place emphasis on creating an elite aerobically

conditioned athlete. We believe that the better-conditioned athlete can perform at a higher

level longer and without breaking down over the course of a game, tournament or season,

and is a cornerstone to on-ice performance.

Training Principles 


Business Ethos

We want our clients, partners, and community to know exactly what we stand for. These first principles guide our business practices and are what we believe in as a team.

We're a passion driven company.

We’re passionate about growth, development, and the pursuit of better. Above all, we're driven by the passion to help others get better and pursue their best self.

We believe in performance through process.

We believe our success as a company is predicated on our commitment to process.  We’re pursuing consistently better process in all facets of business and selves.


We’re driven by the long game.

We rather win in the macro than the micro. Our business behaviors are driven by long-term goals and never short-term upside.


We’re a relationship-based company.

We believe our success and growth will be predicated on the health of our relationships with our athletes, partners, and the community.

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