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The Relentless Goalie program is the Strength & Conditioning program built specifically for goalies to enhance the physical attributes that translate to playing more dynamic and dominant in the crease.

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hockey goalie training

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In today's high-speed game, the goalies that are rising to the next level are playing more dynamic, explosive, and athletic than ever before.

The Relentless Goalie Program is designed to give goalies the exact workouts they need to develop more explosive pushes, more controlled positions, and the athleticism to transform their game and let them thrive in the crease.

If you're serious about taking your game to the next level, then it's time to get RELENTLESS with your training.


At Relentless, we build off-ice workouts for on-ice performance. Delivering the exact Strength & Conditioning goalies need to start moving, performing, and playing better where it counts - in the crease. Start making your hockey training count, start training relentless.


Create a mobile body with exercises that address structural imbalances & restrictions so that you feel & move better


Develop truly elite  strength, with an intense focus on creating the functional strength that translates on the ice.


Enhance the athleticism to thrive on-ice. With plyo, agility, and footwork drills we develop next-level speed.


Unlock the power that translates to explosive first steps, breakaway strides, to become more dynamic on ice.

12 weeks to
dominating the crease

Maximizing your training demands strategic structure. The 12 Week Relentless is strategically designed with three distinct phases and weekly progressive workouts built to be continuously pushing you towards your training goals.

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Phase 1:

Body Reconstruction

It's time to rebuild a functional, healthy, and mobile body.

In phase 1 we focus on reconstructing the body by improving movement and activation patterns to have you moving better than ever before.

Each week we're also developing foundational strength & athleticism so we rapidly develop functional strength & power in phase 2

Phase 2:

functional development

Develop the strength & power that translates.

In phase 2, we build on better foundations by rapidly developing the functional strength and power that goalies need to be successful in the crease.

This is the phase goalies start to see the impact of their training and start feel better, move better, and start getting stronger and more explosive on the ice.

Phase 3:

translating to the crease

From the gym to the crease.

In phase 3 we go all-in on making the work you've done off-ice translate on-ice.

Each workout is specifically designed with more goalie-specific movements and refining the enhanced strength, power, and mobility so that you can access it where it matters most - the crease.

meet your strength coach

The Explosive Power program was created by Coach Kyle, Strength Coach & founder of Relentless Hockey. 

Kyle has become one of the go-to authorities on hockey training and performance optimization for hockey players.

Kyle combined his education, playing experience, experience as a skills coach, and thousands of hours working with hockey players in the gym to refine relentless programs to be the ultimate training for on-ice performance. Since starting Relentless Hockey, Kyle and the team have worked with players in nearly every professional hockey league in the world from the NHL and KHL to across Europe – along with thousands of players from across the world. 

Coach Kyle continues to improve and refine all of the Relentless Hockey programs while supporting players to maximize their training and start thriving on the ice. 

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The WOrkout Program for hockey players

36 Unique Workouts
Integrative Training
Optimized Training Schedule

the process that produces

see what goalie's are saying about training relentless
Jamie Van De Berg
Professional Goalie [Europe]
5 Star Rating

I’ve worked out before, but always felt the old school workouts were holding back my game. Or other "hockey workouts" were all about players needs. I decided to try Relentless Goalie and instantly noticed the impact on my body. The mobility, the strength, the power - this is the training goalies need to dominate in the modern game!!

Viktor Mueller
Professional Goalie [Germany]
5 Star Rating

I never really took workouts that seriously until my goalie partner showed me Relentless Hockey. I joined him for some workouts and instantly saw how this could elevate my game. It wasn't just working out, it was training to actually move better in the crease. Love training Relentless!

Mat Tamminen
Junior Elite League [Finland]
5 Star Rating

My goalie coach said I had to get stronger off the ice & when he showed me Instagram posts from Relentless Hockey I knew that I had to work with Kyle! Getting on the Relentless Goalie program was one of the best things I’ve done for my career. My movement in the crease feels better & I know I’m moving more effectively and efficiently.

Everything You need For the Next Level

Training Relentless isn't just following workouts. We've created all of the resources for you to truly take your training, lifestyle, and performance to the next level - all in one program.

goalie hockey training and workout pdf


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    No more boring PDFs. Each phase comes with a completely interactive & clickable PDFs
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    With a video library of 250+ exercises, always know the perfect form with an exact demonstration of each exercise in your workouts.
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    Want to get off your phone at the gym? Bring a printable copy of your workouts and track your progress with each workout.
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    No complicated apps, or subscriptions. Download your workouts direct to your phone, iPad, or print and train when and where it fits your schedule

& Recovery

develop a health, mobile,
& bullet proof body.

It's time to build a limitless body, eliminate pain, reclaim range of movement, and optimize movement.
Bonus Itemmobility guide for hockey players

for hockey

no more breakdowns, it's time to dominate the third period.

Take your conditioning to the next level with workouts specifically designed to enhance on-ice energy systems.
Bonus Itemconditioning guide for hockey players

Elite Speed
for hockey

speeds no longer just for
players. develop elite athleticism .

With 20+ speed and agility workouts, this is the guide hockey players use to develop elite athleticism and on-ice speed.
Bonus Itemelite speed guide: speed training and hockey workouts


don't let your schedule
slow down your progress. 

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Bonus Itemrelentless anywhere: the pdf hockey workout and training program
Peak Performance Nutrition for Hockey Players by Relentless Hockey


The complete guide to nutrition
for hockey players

Fuel elite performance and optimize recovery with this intensive 55 page guide that takes a deep dive in everything from hydration, to macronutrients, to game day nutrition and supplements. 
a mock up of a pdf workout program for hockey players
Bonus Item
hockey goalie training program

train to
dominate the crease

a new level of performance starts today.

The Relentless Goalie Program was built specifically for Goalies to develop the explosive power, functional strength, and on-ice speed and athleticism they need to thrive in the crease.

In today's game, the physical demands of goalies have never been higher. It's time for Goalies to get serious about their training and start developing the physical attributes that truly translate to the crease.  

If you have the ambition to unlock more speed in your stride and take your game to the next level - then it's time to get relentless with your training.  Get started today!

It's time to start training relentless!
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What exactly do I get with this program?

You’ll have instant access to: 
- Your 12 week program (36 workouts) with both a digital version and printable tracking version.
+ The Elite Speed for Hockey guide with 20+ speed workouts. 
+ The Relentless Anywhere guide with 20+ at home workouts. 
+ The Complete Conditioning for Hockey Players guide with 25+ conditioning workouts. 
+ The Relentless Mobility & Maintenance Manual with foam rolling, mobility, and active recovery protocols.
+ The Peak Performance Nutrition for Hockey guide with 50+ pages of nutritional guidelines including hydration, game day, body composition (losing/gaining weight), and supplements. 

You’ll also get access to the support of our team and Coach Kyle along with any new upgrades or additions to the programs. We’re constantly looking to create new resources to help our players thrive, and once you’re in the Relentless community we truly want to fuel your success. 

Seems expensive, what should I invest in this vs just doing my own workouts?

Many players can train on their own, but the truth is that random training creates random results. Success demands structure. 

Relentless Hockey was built to take the guesswork out of hockey player’s training and give them the exact structure that’s been refined by thousands of players to be proven to translate to the ice. 

Working with a Strength Coach that understands the specific needs of hockey players can cost upwards of $120 dollars per session or joining a 12 week group training program can easily cost over $2000.

With Relentless Hockey, you have access to the exact workouts that pros are paying thousands of dollars for.

What makes this program for goalies?

This isn't just another hockey training program, each workout specifically addresses the performance of goalies.

This means different exercises than we would include in a players workout program.

Some areas we've placed extra emphasis on: lateral strength/power, lateral speed & plyo based movement, core strength from low hip/kneeling positions, hip rotation and mobility.

What kind of exercises are included?

Admittedly, a lot of these exercises will be new for a lot of athletes.

This isn’t just a classic bodybuilding style workout where you’ll see 3 sets of squats and lunges. Relentless programs are loaded with integrative exercises that challenge you with unconventional movements. 

You’ll have a Youtube Playlist with demonstrations of each exercise in that days workout so that you’ll always know exactly what to do.

What kind of equipment do I need?

This program was designed to be performed with a super basic gym setup. We don't believe in big fancy gym setups or the latest equipment.

This program includes: dumbbells, cables/bands, barbells, kettlebells, and mini-bands. For any exercise that may require a specialized piece of equipment (trapbar/landmine/etc.) we've included alternative exercises guide, but 95% of gyms will have exactly what you need.

How do I access my programs?

Immediately after purchase you’ll have access to our members-only platform that contains all of your training programs and bonus resources. You’ll have lifetime access to this platform and will be able to come back any time to download your programs or get updated versions/new resources.

What if I’m not happy with the program or results?

We stand by our programs 100%. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Having seen thousands of players train with Relentless, we know hockey players who truly invest in this program and their training get results. But if you start this program and it’s not for you, just contact our team within 30 days and we’ll send you a full refund. 


hockey goalie workouts

Devon Tappenden

Lowell, MA | NCAA Division 3

My goalie coach is telling all his goalies to get on your program after seeing the results I had this off-season. He says whatever I’m doing in the off-ice is skyrocketing the work we’re doing on ice and I’m feeling it too! Definitely a lot more confident in my movements and feel noticeably stronger and more powerful!

hockey goalie training

Lari Kukkohovi

Tampere, Finland | European Pro

I just want to say thank you for this program. Trainers here do not understand goalies. They make us do the same as players or sometimes even make us do less intense things. Using this program I’ve had more progress than my past 5 off-seasons. It feels like I finally trained to take my game to the next level as a goalie.

hockey training program

Sean K.

Vancouver, BC | Beer League Beauty

I know you get a lot of pro goalies using this.. But as a beer league tendy I gotta say my thanks too! This program has my body feeling WAY better than ever before. My hips/groin feels amazing. Getting around the crease feels more effortless. I’m already repeating phase 1 now!

hockey goalie workout program

Lauren P.

Hamilton, ON | 6 Year European Pro

Hey Kyle, I just wanted to say how much I progressed over this off-season thanks to your goalie program! I took the risk of ditching our team’s summer program because I knew I needed something that would transfer more to my game as a goalie and honestly I swear it was my most productive off-season by far. Even my dad saying that I’m playing sharper and my pushes are more explosive.. I owe it all to the Relentless program!

hockey workout program

Josh Snair

Toronto, ON | Junior A

I just got invited to be a call up for my hometown Junior A team and the coach commented how I look “physically ready for the next level”. I’ve always been the “big goalie” but I feel like I’m finally developing the power with your program to start playing faster and more dynamically. I’ll keep you guys updated this season because you know I’m going to be relentless with this opportunity!

hockey goalie training

Nikita Lozhkin

Sochi, Russia | Russian Pro

Finally a program for goalies!! I follow your youtube content for a long time and finally decide this is the summer I go beast mode in my training! Your Relentless Goalie program has been huge help in my training. My goalie coach is very impressed the with speed and power I have on ice and so am I! I will dominate this year and owe big thanks to you and relentless!!

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