Origin Story:

Kyle is a former Hockey Player turned Performance Coach.

As a former player, he played in various top Junior leagues in Canada before returning home to captain the Burlington Cougars, where he was later he was recruited to the University of Toronto, where he went on to earn his Bachelors of Kinesiology.

After playing, Kyle shifted his focus to player development - working as both as a Power Skating Coach & Strength Coach for local organizations and some of the area's top pros/prospects. He quickly found that while players were more skilled than ever, many still weren't being physically prepared for the demands on the modern game. 


Shifting his focus to off-ice preparation, his work with hockey players garnered the attention of elite players. After the off-season, players requested programs they could do to continue training - which quickly led to requests from their teammates across the world. This led to the creation of the Relentless Hockey App and the shift to focusing on delivering professional Strength & Conditioning to players anywhere in the world.


Today, Relentless Hockey is completely digital - working with teams and players in over 20 countries.


Kyle is responsible for the growth of Relentless Athletics, expanding from Hockey to Lacrosse in 2020. He continues to work with teams through the Relentless Team Platform & elite players through the Next Level Coaching Program. 


Quick Highlights:


  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Toronto

Playing Highlights:

  • Burlington Cougars Captain (OJHL)

  • OJHL/MHL (Junior A) Alumni

  • Dundas Real McCoys (ACH)

Coaching Highlights:

  • Strength Coach - Burlington Cougars (OJHL)

  • Performance Consultant - Burlington Barracudas & Burlington Eagles

  • Strength Coach - Ontario Blue Jays (Baseball) & Team China (Lacrosse)