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Relentless founder & director of performance

A Personal Note:

Hey There,

My name's Kyle & I'm the founder of Relentless.

I'm amped up that you're checking out Relentless Hockey & trying learn what we're all about.

Chances are, I was just like you.

Back when I was playing minor & junior hockey I used to scour the internet looking for what I could be doing to take my training to next the level and actually impact my game. I genuinely attribute my success as player to Strength & Conditioning and to consistent & relentless pursuit of getting better.

Now I do this for a living and help the next generation of players.

I've been fortunate to work with some of the best players on the planet from elite youth players (over 500 players a season!) to Olympians, elite European pros, and NHL players.

Now I get to distill this into Relentless Hockey & create the exact resources and training programs that I know translate to on-ice performance.

Relentless was built for athletes like you. So if you ever have any questions, or want to connect, or we can help you with you hockey goals - please don't hesitate to reach out!

kyle kokotailo: hockey trainer


Kyle is a former Hockey Player turned Performance Coach.

As a former player, he played Junior A across Canada before returning home to captain the Burlington Cougars. After Junior, he was recruited to the University of Toronto, where he earned his Bachelor of Kinesiology.

After playing, Kyle shifted his focus to player development - working as both as a Power Skating Coach & Strength Coach for local organizations and some of the area's top pros/prospects. He quickly found that players were more skilled than ever, but many still weren't being physically prepared for the demands of the modern game.

Shifting his focus to Strength & Conditioning and off-ice preparation, his work with hockey players garnered the attention of elite players. After the off-season, players requested programs they could do to continue training - which quickly led to requests from their teammates across the world. This led to the creation of the Relentless Hockey and the shift to focusing on delivering unrivalled Strength & Conditioning for hockey players anywhere in the world.

Kyle Kokotailo hockey trainer and relentless founder



  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Toronto

Playing Highlights

  • Burlington Cougars Captain (OJHL, Jr A)
  • Recruited to University of Toronto (uSports)
  • Dundas Real McCoys (Senior AAA)

Coaching HighLights

  • Strength Coach - Burlington Cougars (OJHL)
  • Performance Consultant Burlington Eagles Youth Hockey Organization
  • Strength Coach - Ontario Blue Jays (Baseball) & Team China (Lacrosse)

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