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Built For Hockey Players.

Speed, Agility, 

&  Athleticism

Develop the athleticism that allows for fluid movements, explosive changes of direction, and elite speed with plyometric & agility exercises specifically for hockey players.

Strength & Power

Workouts designed to develop the functional strength & power that Hockey Players need with exercises that specifically translate to on-ice performance.

Core, Stability,

& Mobility

Create a structurally balanced & mobile body that allows players to stay healthy and maintain their peak performance over a season while also moving more fluidly.

Conditioning Levels

Unlock peak conditioning levels by utilizing HIIT-based work strategically designed to develop the energy systems that Hockey Players utilize the most.

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Professional Players from over 15 countries are getting Relentless about their Performance.

I had a strong final season in the OHL, but I knew I had to take my training to the next level going into pro.  Relentless Hockey was exactly what I needed. It was the first time it felt like I wasn’t just lifting weights - I knew exactly how the workouts translated to making me stronger and more stable on the ice.

 – Austin McEney, OHL/ECHL 

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Players across the world are getting Relentless with their training & taking their performance to the next level.


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Whether you’re chasing a scholarship, looking to jump to the next level, or just want to play better hockey – if you have the ambition for better performance than this program was built for you.

With a new program each month that’s specifically designed for Hockey Players, you can eliminate guesswork from your training and have the confidence that your hard work off the ice is leading to taking your game to the next level on the ice.  

Start to demand the best from your self & get serious about your hockey players. Sign up and get started today!

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