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make this is the off-season you take your game to the next level.

There's a new era of hockey player - and they're built different.

The modern game demands players be stronger, faster, more powerful, and more dynamic than ever before.

It's no longer enough to just workout - hockey players need to be training to specifically develop the attributes that truly let's them thrive on the ice.

Your performance next season is going to be defined by what you're doing this off-season. It's time to get relentless and level up.

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are you actually maximizing this off-season to take your game to the next level?

“I know I can play division 1 hockey.”

We received an email from Jake, a player in British Columbia that had just finished a successful junior season but had no Division 1 offers. 

One of his teammates, who we had worked with last summer, asked if we’d connect with Jake to talk training.  

Jake wasn't a naturally gifted goal scoring type, but he was a great player, who had simply outworked players to earn a roster spot on a top Junior A team in arguably the best league in Canada.

Once he was there, we continuously earned more & more ice time – finishing his first season on the top 2 lines and with just under a point per game. 

This past year was even better. He was named assistant captain, played on the top line, and put up 72 points in 42 games. He had become the player that Coaches love to have on their team – reliable, consistent productive, and a high complete level. 

And yet despite all of this, he was now going into his third year of junior with no commitment, no D1 offers & not sure what to do next. 

“I just don’t get why I’m not getting serious looks. We had three D1 commits last year on our team & they’re all great players, but I’m right there with them. I just feel like I’m going under the radar here.”

So Coach Kyle connected with a college coach who had seen him play & asked what the deal was. 

Jake’s a solid player. Competitor. High work ethic. Good on both sides of the puck. Puts up points. But honestly.. My notes say that I just didn’t see that d1 “flash” that would make me seriously pursue him. He’s just missing that dynamite in his game that would translate to D1 hockey.

We shared this feedback with him, and while it obviously stung, it was actually good news – he was a division 1 caliber hockey player if he could develop the physical attributes to start playing faster & more dynamic.

So we offered to create him a program that he could do back in British Columbia that would do just that. 

A program that was built specifically for the demands of the modern game, and far different than the classic workouts he had been doing on his own. 

We knew that if he was committed to being relentless – that one off-season could completely change his game.

He was all in. 

So, we crafted the perfect training system he could use to maximize his off-season development & unlock the potential he had on the ice:

  • We got him away from just old school heavy lifts & instead focused on developing strength that would actually translate to the mechanics of hockey with full-body & integrated workouts. 
  • We added speed & athleticism to every workout. With plyo & power work that would develop more explosiveness to stride and change of direction along with speed work that would refine footwork and movement mechanics to unlock more on-ice agility and elusiveness.
  • We developed functional mobility that would help him not only develop a healthy & mobile body, but also optimize his movement patterns to skate faster & shoot harder. 
  • We created elite conditioning levels that would allow him to play at top speed without slowing down for longer and dominate long shifts and key opportunities late in periods.

He committed the process & the results paid off. 

“I know we’ve barely gotten into it.. But is it too early to feel the results on the ice?”

He was only 3 weeks into his “reconstruction phase” but was starting to notice results. His body was starting to feel better, he was moving better, and he felt smoother & more fluid on the ice.  

Halfway through the summer we got another note: “These workouts are so different than I’ve ever trained.. But I can honestly say I’ve never made this much progress in an off-season. It feels like the first off-season I’ve actually trained as an athlete.”

Finally the season came around, and his work really showed. 

He wasn’t just a dependable playmaker, he was dominant. He had 3-4 points in his pre-season games – with his Coach claiming he had been “rebuilt” in the off-season. 

In his first 10 games he had put up 24 points. Better yet he had conversations with a dozen D1 coaches who were suddenly interested in learning more about where he wanted to go to school. Even different WHL teams offered to sign him to join their team this season. 

“All the scouts or coaches I’ve talked to have commented on my off-season. They said they were aware of who I was last year, but I’ve turned into a legitimate prospect this year. One scout even told my dad I’ll probably have 4-5 legitimate offers by Christmas.”

He continued to show up on the score sheet and catch the attention of scouts. 

By committing to transforming his training, he had transformed his game, and ultimately his entire trajectory in hockey.  

He had earned a full ride to play division 1 hockey.

The next off-season he was back, this time preparing for his first year of NCAA hockey. His Coach had also sent several players from across the country to work with us.  

Same process, similar results. 

Each summer there were more & more players from across the world looking for an off-season program. Pros from Europe who needed the structure to optimize their off-season & get dialled in with their training. Juniors from across North America who lacked access to a trainer who truly understood hockey's physical demands.

The list continued to grow & after working with thousands of players both in-person & online, we knew that we had created that exact blue print that produces faster, more explosive, and more dominant hockey players.

The Relentless Off-Season Program was born - the ultimate training system for hockey players. 

Since then, hundreds of players from Junior to Pros in the AHL, KHL, and across Europe have used the Relentless Off-Season program to transform their training, body, and most importantly – their on-ice performance.

Because the truth in this game is that success belongs to the players who commit to becoming relentless – and it all starts with the off-season. 

explosive power hockey training & workout program

the relentless

The complete game plan to maximize your off-season.

The Relentless Off-Season Program is specifically designed to deliver the exact strength & conditioning that hockey players need to transform their body and prepare for a breakout season.

This proven 5 phase training system has been used by hundreds of players at all levels to develop the physical attributes that truly translate to the field & taking their game to the next level.

build a body built for hockey.

Start making your workouts count. Start training exact attributes that translate to the ice.

At Relentless, we build off-ice workouts for on-ice performance. Delivering the exact Strength & Conditioning hockey players need to start moving, performing, and playing better where it counts. We deliver the training that translates.


Create a mobile body with exercises that address structural imbalances & restrictions so that you feel & move better.


Develop truly elite  strength, with an intense focus on creating the functional strength that translates to the ice.


Unlock the power that translates to explosive first steps, breakaway strides, to become more dynamic on ice.


Enhance the athleticism to dominate games with plyo, agility, and footwork drills all designed for next level speed.

hockey workout program on phone

the exact WOrkouts hockey players need.

The exact workout structure that elite hockey players are using to build their body.

No more fluff, randomness, or bodybuilding style workouts. This is training 2.0 - with full-body and integrative workouts designed to challenge every facet of your body with each workout including:

Pre-Hab & Functional Mobility
Speed & Athleticism
Integrative Strength & Power
Conditioning, Core, & Mobility

the complete off-season training system

Maximizing your training demands strategic structure.

The Relentless Off-Season Program is the 20 week program that delivers the optimized training structured for hockey players to get the most out of their off-season.

Have confidence that each workout you're progressing and developing the attributes you need to thrive next season.

5 distinct phases

The exact training structure to ensure consistent progress & development.

phase 1


Rebuild a healthier body. Address imbalances, mobility restrictions, and rewire your body for more efficient movements.

phase 2

rapid strength

Develop serious strength. No fluff, we're developing the foundation strength to become physically dominant hockey player.

phase 3

explosive power

Unlock more fire power. We're turning strength in functional power. The type of power that gives you more fire in each stride, shot, and hit.

phase 4

on-ice domination

Prepared for on-ice domination. We're add a layer of specificity to truly unlock next level speed & on-performance.

phase 5

in-season transition

Continued progress. Growth doesn't stop in-season. We're training not only maintain your gains, but continue to grow as hockey season starts.

coach kyle hockey training

meet your strength coach

The Relentless Off-Season program was created by Coach Kyle, Strength Coach & founder of Relentless Hockey. 

Kyle has become one of the go-to authorities on hockey training & performance optimization for hockey players.

Combining his education, playing experience, experience as a skills coach, and thousands of hours working with hockey players in the gym, Kyle has refined Relentless programs to be the ultimate training for on-ice performance. Since starting Relentless Hockey, Kyle & the team have worked with players in nearly every professional hockey league in the world from the NHL and KHL to across Europe – along with thousands of players from across the world. 

Coach Kyle continues to improve & refine all of the Relentless Hockey programs while supporting players to maximize their training & start thriving on the ice. 

the ultimate off-season workout program for hockey players. 

You're one focused off-season away from transforming your game. Success next season, starts with the the work you put in this off-season. The Relentless Off-Season Program is the complete training system that delivers the exact game plans you need to transform your training, body, and performance to thrive next season.

hockey off-season program


Feature item

60 Unique workouts

Stop repeating the same workout for 4 weeks. We've designed 60 unique workouts so that each week comes with variety & challenge.
Feature item

video demonstrations

With a video library of 450+ exercises, always know the perfect form with an exact demonstration of each exercise in one Youtube Playlist each workout.
  • Feature item

    Interactive PDFs

    No more boring PDFs. Each phase comes with a completely interactive & clickable PDFs to let you quickly access your demos & workouts.
  • Feature item

    printable tracking copies

    Want to get off your phone at the gym? Bring a printable copy of your workouts & track your progress with each workout.

plus free bonus resources

Becoming an elite hockey player goes beyond just workouts, it's becoming relentless with getting better. That's why we've created all the resources you need to truly take your training, lifestyle, and performance to the next level.

hockey speed training program

Bonus #1
elite speed guide for hockey players

$67.99 Value
  • Feature item
    Over 20 hockey-specific speed workouts that are specifically designed to develop elite athleticism and enhance the speed that translates on the ice.
  • Feature item
    Attack your specific speed needs with workouts focused on quick feet, first steps acceleration, top-end speed and power, change of direction, and multi-directional speed.
  • Feature item
    Complete workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. It doesn't have to be fancy to be effective. We have workouts do with ladders, hurdles, cones, and even just an empty field.

Bonus #2
mobility, maintenance & recovery guide for hockey players

$67.99 Value
  • Feature item
    The complete guide to building a limitless body that delivers the workouts you need to eliminate aches and pains, reclaim range of motion, and optimize your movements.
  • Feature item
    10+ mobility routines including active recovery workouts, functional mobility sessions, and passive stretch-based sequences – each specifically designed for hockey players.
  • Feature item
    Complete foam rolling protocols for hockey players to release common areas with tension and improve tissue quality.
hockey mobility workout training program
hockey conditioning workout program

Bonus #3
complete conditioning for hockey guide

$67.99 Value
  • Feature item
    Over 20 conditioning workouts specifically designed for hockey players to have more gas at the end of each shift. While others slow down, relentless players dominate.
  • Feature item
    Specifically designed for the energy system demands of hockey players with short-burst and high intensity work.
  • Feature item
    Choose your training method with workouts including: outdoor field workouts, bike workouts, treadmill workouts, and HIIT based bodyweight/complex-style workouts.

Bonus #4
relentless anywhere guide

$67.99 Value
  • Feature item
    21 Workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. A busy schedule might keep you from hitting the gym, but it should hold you back from getting in a high quality workout. Now you can stay on track with your workouts from home or on the road.
  • Feature item
    Minimalist workouts designed for maximal results. Fit into your busy schedule with short and intense workouts designed to challenge all strength, power, speed, and mobility of hockey players.
  • Feature item
    Choose your workout based on your equipment. Workouts designed with just bodyweight, just bands, or just dumbbells – the equipment doesn’t matter, the work does.
at home hockey workout program
hockey nutrition program

Bonus #5
peak performance nutrition for hockey players

$99.99 Value
  • Feature item
    The most comprehensive nutrition guide for hockey players on the market with 55 pages taking a deep dive in everything from hydration, to macronutrients, to optimizing performance and recovery.
  • Feature item
    Maximize your performance on game day with specific nutrition and hydration day protocols and sample meal plans.
  • Feature item
    Learn how to supplement your nutrition for peak performance and recovery with a deep dive into the “must have” supplements for hockey players and the protocols for each one. Learn how to take your nutrition to the next level with supplements.

Bonus #6
relentless meal Plans & Recipe guide

$150 Value
  • Feature item
    Eliminate the guesswork from your nutrition. We'll show you exactly how many calories and grams of protein, fats, carbs you should have daily and give you a weekly meal plan depending on your needs.
  • Feature item
    25 weekly individualized recipes. Get recipes with calculated cals, carbs, fat, and protein and that have been tailored to your individual calorie needs (100 total recipes!)
  • Feature item
    Weekly meal plans. With 4 different calories guidelines, we've created the perfect meal plan to fuel your training, recovery, and performance - with delicious recipes for each meal that you can choose to hit your nutrition goals!
hockey player meal plan

everything you need to transform your game

​If you continue to do the same things you've always done, you'll continue to stay where you've always been.

The Relentless Off-Season Program was designed to break the mould and give you the complete training system you need to transform your training, your body, and your performance on the ice.

Go beyond just a workouts this off-season.

Get the complete training system for hockey players and get dialled int peak performance in all areas of their life from training and conditioning to mobility and nutrition. Make this your Relentless Off-Season.

what's included:

20 week strength & conditioning program [$497]

Elite speed guide for Hockey Players [$67]

Relentless mobility & maintenance for Hockey players [$67]

Complete Conditioning for hockey players [$67]

Relentless anywhere workout guide [$67]

peak performance nutrition guide [$99]

Relentless Meal Plan & Recipe Guide [$159]

Member only videos & resources to maximize training

total value $1064

Along with this, Coach Kyle and the Relentless team offers on-going support for players to make sure that you're maximizing your training and getting the most out of training relentless.

Commit to chasing the next level & start training relentless today!

It's time to start training relentless!
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the process the pros trust.

trusted by over 150 pros & 2500 players world wide
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commit to developing
elite on-ice speed

faster & more dominant hockey starts here.

​The Relentless Explosive Power Program is the unrivaled Strength & Conditioning program that delivers Hockey Players the exact workouts they need to take their speed to the next level.

Speed is the variable of success for Hockey Players in today's game. To take your game to the next level, it's time to go all-in on developing the attributes that translate to explosive first steps, quicker feet, and a more powerful stride.

It's time to start training relentless!

what's included today

[total value $546]

12 week Strength & Conditioning program [$197]

Elite speed guide for hockey players [$67]

complete conditioning for hockey [$59]

Relentless mobility & maintaince [$59]

Relentless anywhere [$67]

peak performance nutriton guide [$97]

Member only video & resources to maximize training


One time payment (USD) with lifetime access & updates!
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How long is the program? What if my off-season isn't that long?

The program is designed for up to 20+ weeks.

While each distinct phase is designed to be 4 weeks, players can custom the program to fit their off-season length depending on when they start.

Phases 1-4 are often shortened by players who either start their training later in the spring/summer or have an early training camp.

While Phase 5 is designed to be done when camp/season starts & allows players to continue training, with many players using this phase all season.

Inside of the player portal we have the Off-Season Scheduling Guide that shows players how to make the most of the program depending on their off-season, as well as how to schedule their weeks around skates, and summer tournaments.

What exactly do I get with this program?

You’ll have instant access to: 
- Your 20 week program (60 workouts) with both a digital version and printable tracking version.
+ The Elite Speed for Hockey guide with 20+ speed workouts. 
+ The Relentless Anywhere guide with 20+ at home workouts. 
+ The Complete Conditioning for Hockey Players guide with 25+ conditioning workouts. 
+ The Relentless Mobility & Maintenance Manual with foam rolling, mobility, and active recovery protocols.
+ The Peak Performance Nutrition for Hockey guide with 50+ pages of nutritional guidelines including hydration, game day, body composition (losing/gaining weight), and supplements. 

You’ll also get access to the support of our team and Coach Kyle along with any new upgrades or additions to the programs. We’re constantly looking to create new resources to help our players thrive, and once you’re in the Relentless community we truly want to fuel your success. 

Seems expensive, what should I invest in this vs just doing my own workouts?

Many players can train on their own, but the truth is that random training creates random results. Success demands structure. 

Relentless Hockey was built to take the guesswork out of hockey player’s training and give them the exact structure that’s been refined by thousands of players to be proven to translate to the ice. 

Working with a Strength Coach that understands the specific needs of hockey players can cost upwards of $120 dollars per session or joining a 12 week group training program can easily cost over $3000.

With Relentless Hockey, you have access to the exact workouts that pros are paying thousands of dollars for.

What kind of exercises are included?

Admittedly, a lot of these exercises will be new for a lot of athletes.

This isn’t just a classic bodybuilding style workout where you’ll see 3 sets of squats and lunges. Relentless programs are loaded with integrative exercises that challenge you with unconventional movements. 

You’ll have a Youtube Playlist with demonstrations of each exercise in that days workout so that you’ll always know exactly what to do.

What kind of equipment do I need?

This program was designed to be performed with a super basic gym setup. We don't believe in big fancy gym setups or the latest equipment. This program includes: dumbbells, cables/bands, barbells, kettlebells, and mini-bands. For any exercise that may require a specialized piece of equipment (trapbar/landmine/etc.) we've included alternative exercises guide, but 95% of gyms will have exactly what you need.

How do I access my programs?

Immediately after purchase you’ll have access to our members-only platform that contains all of your training programs and bonus resources. You’ll have lifetime access to this platform and will be able to come back any time to download your programs or get updated versions/new resources.

What if I’m not happy with the program or results?

We stand by our programs 100%. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Having seen thousands of players train with Relentless, we know hockey players who truly invest in this program and their training get results. But if you start this program and it’s not for you, just contact our team within 30 days and we’ll send you a full refund. 



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Relentless Off-Season

I tried in the interest of the beginning heyday last week, and I'm genuinely surprised by means of the results. I've struggled with eagerness and incidental sleeplessness, and CBD seemed to offer a nice, despite everything effectual, quickness of composure and relaxation. There was no 'high,' just a unruffled easing of my foreboding symptoms and a more sedative night's sleep. It tasted a fraction dirty, but that's a mignonne trade-off as a replacement for instinct more at peace. I'm looking step up to seeing how it helps in the great run.


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Relentless Off-Season

Hi, kam dashur të di çmimin tuaj


United kingdom
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Relentless Off-Season

Salam, qiymətinizi bilmək istədim.

Tom Norton

Current Level:
Europe Professional
Relentless Off-Season

Top quality program! Every workout was perfectly designed for hockey players. I really wanted to double down on physical training this off-season so Relentless Hockey was perfect to give me the exact system that I needed. I came into training camp feeling fantastic. Body felt great (probably best in years haha), felt more powerful, stronger on the ice. Definitely appreciate having access to this kind of training!

Micheal S.

Saskatoon, SK
Current Level:
Relentless Off-Season

Hey Coach Kyle, can’t thank you enough for this program and the support this summer! I just made the Midget AAA team (I played AA last year) and the one thing the coach said was he noticed how much my speed had improved over the summer. Can’t thank you guys enough!


Chicago, Il
Current Level:
European Pro
Relentless Off-Season

No offense.. I’ve been a fan of you guys but I honestly didn’t think this program would be that impactful on my game. I bought it because I just wanted to have something to follow this summer, but WOW do I feel great. The mobility alone has me feeling 10x better and can’t describe it.. It just feels like each stride has more push and I’m winning more puck races. I think you guys might have undercharged on this for how valuable it's going to be in getting some bonuses this year!