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Workout Programs Designed to Maximize 

On-Ice Performance

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Elite performance on the ice doesn't happen by accident. It's created by putting in intense work to build the physical attributes that translate to playing stronger, faster, explosive, and more dominant on the ice. 


In today's high-speed game, it's no longer enough to just be in shape. At Relentless Hockey, we've created the integrative workouts for Hockey Players to truly thrive on the ice.


You bring the hustle. We'll bring the structure. Let's get Relentless.

Optimize Your Training

to Maximize Your Performance.


off-season programs

Preparation defines performance. Maximize your off-season with the integrative workouts designed to fuel your development and prepare you to thrive on the ice next season.  

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8 Week Off-Season

12 Week Off-Season

16 Week Off-Season

Maximize your off-season with workouts designed to reconstruct your performance on the ice. 

The ultimate off-season program designed to take players from good to great to unstoppable.

The most intensive off-season program to transform your body & unlock peak on-ice performance.


goal focused programs

Attack your goals. Start training for your on-ice goals with workouts specifically designed for what your game needs the most to start you playing at the next level.

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Explosive Power

Size & Strength

Relentless At-Home

 Develop explosive first steps and stride that translate to next level speed on the ice.

Minimal equipment. Maximal results. Get the integrative workouts you can do at home. 

Enhance the strength that let's you play stronger and more dominant on the ice.


speciality programs

You have unique needs, it's time to start training for them. Start training with workouts designed for your specialized training, development, and performance goals.

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Weekend Warrior

Youth Development

Relentless Goalie

Goalies have intense physical demands in the crease. It's time to start training for them.

Start building the foundations needed to maximize potential & development on the ice!

You might not be a pro, but you can still train to get the most out of your performance!

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the relentless membership

The Ultimate Monthly Membership for Hockey Players.

With new programs designed monthly, a library of exclusive training guides and videos, and a community of relentless Hockey Players - this is the ultimate program for Hockey Players that are serious about leveling up their training & taking their game to the next level!



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